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News Archive

Date Title
17/10/2018 AGU Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness
17/10/2018 SPSS Statistical Analysis Workshop Concludes at Applied Science University
16/10/2018 Students of AGU Elect 14 Council Representatives
16/10/2018 AGU Forms New Board of Trustees
15/10/2018 Public Relations at AGU Organises a Series of Awareness Lectures
15/10/2018 AGU Assigned to Train a Medical Staff in Jamaica
15/10/2018 AGU and American University of Beirut Discuss Health Care Priorities in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
15/10/2018 101 million Visually Impaired People Worldwide
11/10/2018 AGU Participates in International Conference in the Netherlands
10/10/2018 AGU Hosts ‘Tajanub’ Awareness Campaign
09/10/2018 AGU Joins Association of Academic Health Centres International
09/10/2018 UMC Celebrates World Sight Day on Thursday Under the Slogan "Eye Care Everywhere"
08/10/2018 AGU Implements the Integrated Water Resources Management Diploma Program for the Seventh Batch
08/10/2018 AGU Launching The Website Of The International Conference for Talent and Innovation
02/10/2018 President of AGU approves the admission of 195 students to the College of Medicine and 115 to the College of Graduate St
02/10/2018 President of AGU Praises University Student Initiative "Cloud of Hope"
27/09/2018 AGU Alumni Dr Khalid Hilewa Excels in Retinal Surgery
26/09/2018 Dr Tayem joins the Vice Deans of Medicine at AGU
26/09/2018 Students of AGU Celebrate the 88th Saudi National Day
25/09/2018 AGU Reviews the Gulf Experience at the Nordic Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Research Meeting in Finland
24/09/2018 AGU Works to Promote "Gulf Citizenship"
23/09/2018 AGU Invites Construction Companies to Submit Bids for Constructing the King Abdullah Medical City
23/09/2018 El-Sadek Presents Results of his Scientific Research on Achieving Water and Food Security During World Water Week
23/09/2018 Professor Participates in the Arab World in 2050: Collapse or Prosperity Lecture
16/09/2018 Professor Abido Appointed as Vice Dean of the College of Graduate Studies for Technical Studies at AGU
13/09/2018 AGU participates in an Arab expert meeting on "The Role of Science and Technology in Disaster Risk Reduction" in Beirut
10/09/2018 AGU Participates in World Education Summi
10/09/2018 Shaikh Azzam Mubarak Al-Sabah: Arabian Gulf University is a Great Model Representing Gulf Cohesion
09/09/2018 Cloud of Hope Team Returns From Kerala after Providing Medical Support to Flood Victims
06/09/2018 President of the AGU appoints Dr Abdel Halim Deifalla Dean of the College of Medicine
06/09/2018 A Study at AGU Discusses the Effect of Davis Strategies on Learning English Words for Students with Learning Disabilitie
02/09/2018 AGU's Lecturer Wins Second Place in Researching Competition at Middle East Level
02/09/2018 AGU Appoints Dr Jardah as President of Clinical Simulation Centre
02/09/2018 AGU to Participate in 3rd Technical Creativity in Charitable Work Conference and Exhibition
12/07/2018 A Study at AGU Assesses Training Requirements of Transition Services for Learning Disabilities TeachersA Study at AGU As
10/07/2018 Government Officials Discuss Challenges Facing Water at AGU
09/07/2018 AGU Participates in a Workshop in Dubai on Experiential Learning
08/07/2018 Publication of the Arabian Gulf University Student Yearbook
05/07/2018 AGU Hosts a National Workshop to Assess the Current Situation of the Water Sector
05/07/2018 A Study at AGU Examines the Relation of Emotional Intelligence to Improving Social Skills in Disabled Children
01/07/2018 A Research Team at AGU Reveals Melamine Leads to Miscarriage
01/07/2018 A Study at AGU Recommends Teaching Mathematics in Attractive Ways to Meet Students’ Psychological Needs
28/06/2018 Dr Yasin Ibrahim Tayem Promoted to Associate Professor at AGU
28/06/2018 A Study at AGU Sheds Light on Violence Against Nurses in the Workplace
25/06/2018 Under Patronage of the Minister of Education
25/06/2018 Dr Adel Kamal Appointed as Director of the Quality and Excellence Center at AGU
21/06/2018 President of AGU Honours Participants in Surah Maryam Memorisation Contest
20/06/2018 Three Students Win the Annual Talent Show at AGU
14/06/2018 "Long-Range Energy Alternatives Planning System" Workshop Concludes at AGU
13/06/2018 UAE Nominates Two New Members to the Board of Trustees of AGU
13/06/2018 A Study at AGU Assesses the Educational Practices of Learning Difficulties Teachers and Recommends the Provision of a Mu
12/06/2018 An Academic at AGU Warns of Increasing Use of Plastic
12/06/2018 A Study at AGU Examines Parental Acceptance and Rejection and its Relation to Self-Esteem Among People with Learning Dis
12/06/2018 An AGU Study Recommends Using Modern Strategies in the Teaching Field to Improve Quality of Life
12/06/2018 An Academic at AGU Publishes a Research on Federal Support for 21st Century Skills Research
12/06/2018 President of AGU Follows up on Preparatory Work for King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Medical City
10/06/2018 Preparatory Year Students in the College of Medicine at AGU Compete in Presenting their Innovative Projects
10/06/2018 21 External Examiners Supervise Final Exams for College of Medicine Students at AGU
06/06/2018 Stanford Intelligence Scale Cognitive Process Profile for Students with Learning Disabilities
04/06/2018 Ghazi Al-Gosaibi School Students Review the Rare Academic Specialisations at AGU
03/06/2018 AGU Organises "Drone Solutions for the Best Decision" Workshop
03/06/2018 AGU Library Participates in the Fourth Lebanese Library Association Conference
31/05/2018 A Study at AGU Confirms Links Bullying and Learning Difficulties
31/05/2018 Ambassador of Egypt Reviews the Achievements of the Princess Al Jawhara Center for Molecular Medicine and Inherited Diso
31/05/2018 AGU’s Department of Psychiatry Honours its Team and Project Future Plans
31/05/2018 The Scientific Salon at AGU Discusses the Effects of Big data and Artificial Intelligence on the Field of Geoinformatics
28/05/2018 Arabian Gulf University Graduate Appointed Head of the Endoscopy Unit in Kansas, USA
28/05/2018 The Scientific Salon at AGU Poses the Question: To What Extent are Food Products Fresh and Safe?
24/05/2018 Female Researchers Study Breast Cancer at Arabian Gulf University
23/05/2018 "Ahlan Ramadan" Exhibition Opens at AGU in its Second Edition
23/05/2018 148 Sixth Year Students of the College of Medicine Take Final Written and Clinical Exams
22/05/2018 Ambassador of Egypt Discusses Means of Cooperation with the President of AGU
22/05/2018 Dr Dashti Participates in International Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Conference in Bangkok
21/05/2018 Education Minister meets AGU president
21/05/2018 Dr Al-Azmi Meets AGU President and Inspects University Operations
20/05/2018 AGU’s Study Calls for Disseminating Bahrain’s Experience in Integrating Disabled Children in Regular Schools
17/05/2018 “Effects of Climate Change” Training Workshop Concludes for Arabian Gulf University Education Group
16/05/2018 A Study at Arabian Gulf University Examines the Best Methods to Measure Air Quality in Kuwait
16/05/2018 "Innovative Uses of Drones in Environmental and Sustainability Fields" Workshop Concludes
16/05/2018 "Innovative Uses of Drones in Environmental and Sustainability Fields" Workshop Concludes
15/05/2018 A Study at AGU Examines the Differences in the Dimensions of Social Communication and Play in Autistic Children
15/05/2018 An AGU Academic Receives a Fellowship from the American Society of Transplantation
14/05/2018 New study at AGU Analyses the Causes of Soil Erosion Using Spectral Indices and Topographic Attributes
14/05/2018 Dr Ghada Al-Kafaji wins Arabian Gulf University Best Scientific Research Prize
14/05/2018 AGU Participates in International Educational Conference in the University of Jordan
13/05/2018 Arabian Gulf University Hosts a Meeting to Regulate Stem Cell Usage in Clinical Trials
13/05/2018 AGU to Organise a Workshop on Improving Primary Health Care for Sixth Year Students
13/05/2018 "Challenges of University Life" Lecture for Preparatory Year Students at Arabian Gulf University
10/05/2018 AGU Hosts a Lecture from King Saud University to Review Clinical Curriculum Reform Mechanisms
10/05/2018 "Scopus Database” Workshop Concludes at the Arabian Gulf University Library
10/05/2018 67 Artworks in the Second AGU Art Exhibition
09/05/2018 "Dealing with Urgent Cases in the ER" Workshop Concludes at Arabian Gulf University
09/05/2018 Arabian Gulf University Concludes Stem Cell Conference
09/05/2018 A Thesis at AGU Examines the Prevalence of Reading Disabilities Among Fifth Graders in Buraydah
07/05/2018 "Ethics and Regulations of Stem Cell Clinical Research" Conference Launches at AGU
05/05/2018 The French Arabian Institute Organises a Study Trip to the ESSEC Business School in Paris and Singapore for Masters stud
03/05/2018 "Big Data and Artificial Intelligence" Workshop Concludes at the French Arabian Institute
02/05/2018 AGU’s Dr Al-Zayani Receives the Venus Medical Award at a Ceremony Held in India
02/05/2018 AGU Participates in the Arab Organisation for Admissions and Registration Conference in Cairo
02/05/2018 Electrocardiography Workshop Concludes in the Simulation and Medical Skills Centre at AGU
02/05/2018 AGU Signs Cooperation Agreement with Gulf Arab States' Educational Research Center
02/05/2018 An AGU’s Academic participates in "Environmental Science and Technology" Conference in Vienna
30/04/2018 Al Jawhara Center launches 21st Century Medicine Forum on Thursday
30/04/2018 With Participation of AGU University of Sharjah Works on Head and Neck Cancer Treatment
30/04/2018 AGU Holds Second Consultative Workshop
30/04/2018 "Modelling Water Management Systems" Workshop Launches at AGU
26/04/2018 "A New Approach to Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia" Scientific Seminar at Princess Al-Jawhara Centre
26/04/2018 College of Medicine at Arabian Gulf University Allocates 200 Thousand Dinars for Scientific Research
26/04/2018 Arabian Gulf University Students Organise Osteoporosis and Vitamin D Deficiency Awareness Campaign
26/04/2018 A Study at AGU Examines Differences in Strategies of Teaching Reading Comprehension to People with Learning Disabilities
26/04/2018 Arabian Gulf University Students Organise "AGU Night"
16/04/2018 28 Medical Researches on Scientific Research Day of the College of Medicine, Arabian Gulf University
15/04/2018 “Innovation Forum” and “Days of Technology” Conclude at AGU
15/04/2018 AGU Gather International Experts to Address Climate Change and Soil Salinity
11/04/2018 The 5-Aminolevulinic Acid Maintains Moderate Plant Salinity Level and Contributes to Water Rationing
11/04/2018 AGU Medical Students Organise Entertainment Program for Bahrain Down Syndrome Society Members
10/04/2018 President of AGU Inaugurates "Innovation Forum" and "Days of Technology Exhibition"
09/04/2018 Researcher at AGU Studies the Effect of Salinity and Effectiveness of Soil Enhancers on Soil Properties
09/04/2018 HRH the Prime Minister Receives Copy of Researcher Afaf Buqawah’s PhD Thesis
05/04/2018 Exhibiting Years of Developmental Efforts to Transform into an Innovative University
04/04/2018 PhD Thesis at AGU Assesses Levels of Tin Compounds in Marine Sediments and Environment
04/04/2018 A Study at AGU Examines the Relation Between Social Skills and Behavioural Problems of Individuals with Learning Disabil
03/04/2018 A Preparatory Year Student Wins First Place in AGU Speaking Contest
03/04/2018 AGU Student Presents Research in Vienna on Diabetic Digestive Disorders
03/04/2018 Al Maariffa Secondary Girls School Students Visit the Anatomy Museum and Simulation Center of AGU
02/04/2018 AGU Participates at the Fourth Global Authors Meeting of the GEO6 Report in Singapore
02/04/2018 The First Conference of Internal Medicine Concludes at AGU
02/04/2018 AGU Academic Participates in Joint Research with King Faisal University for Treatment of Cancerous Tumours
02/04/2018 AGU Concludes a Professionalisation Course In Biomedical Informatics in Cooperation with Swiss Institute Experts
02/04/2018 Launch of the First Training Workshop for AGU Education Group
02/04/2018 "Pre-analytical Errors and their Impact on Patient Results" Seminar Held at Princess Al-Jawhara Center
01/04/2018 Drop in Students of Learning Difficulties’ Life Quality
01/04/2018 Students of "Umaima Bint Al Nomman" School Learn About Academic Programmes at AGU
01/04/2018 AGU Academic Selected as Scientific Committee Member of International Conference in Japan
01/04/2018 Under the Auspices of the Minister of Health ..and Entitled: "What is New in Internal Medicine"
01/04/2018 AGU Participates in Arab Preparatory Meeting on Water Issues in Beirut
22/03/2018 Arabian Gulf University Students Celebrate Sports Day
21/03/2018 Conclusion of the Epigenetics Conference in Arabian Gulf University
21/03/2018 Rare Diseases Awareness Campaign Concludes in AGU
21/03/2018 An Electronic Programme to Develop Mathematical Competencies of People with Learning Disabilities in Primary School
19/03/2018 Dr Al-Gahtani Suggests Training Primary Care Physicians in Behavioural Therapy Skills
19/03/2018 Postgraduate Students Participate in "Electronic Databases Research Methods" Workshop
19/03/2018 AGU Opens Admissions to Graduate Programmes
19/03/2018 Human Genetics, Epigenetics and Personalised Genomics Conference Commences
19/03/2018 AGU Centre for Community Service, Consultancy & Training Organises a SPSS Statistics Software Workshop
15/03/2018 Intestinal Microbes Contribute to Obesity and can be Treated with Tablets
15/03/2018 AGU’s Student Discusses Latest Diabetic Treatments With Senior Scientists at International Conference in Vienna
14/03/2018 First AGU Alumni Meeting Under the Auspices of the Minister of Education to be Held
13/03/2018 "The Mirage of International Environmental Agreements" an Issue Discussed by the Scientific Salon at AGU
13/03/2018 40 Children from RCO Participate in AGU’s "Teddy Bear Hospital" Campaign
12/03/2018 An academic at AGU Wins the Venus Medical Award 2018
08/03/2018 AGU’s Students Win "Kanoo" Award for Scientific Research
07/03/2018 Launching a Professional Workshop in Clinical Bioinformatics for the First Time
06/03/2018 Al Jawhara Center Continues Qualitative Campaign by Meeting Rare Disease Patients and their Families
28/02/2018 Capital Governor Discusses Cooperation with Arabian Gulf University to Implement "Health Cities" Project
27/02/2018 Joint Research Between AGU and RCSI Underway
27/02/2018 National Water Safety Plan Workshop Inaugurates at AGU
25/02/2018 AGU participates in the Presidential Peacebuilding Conference in Beirut
25/02/2018 The First Seminar for Rare Diseases in Bahrain Concludes
21/02/2018 AGU holds a Training Workshop on "National Water Safety Plan”
20/02/2018 Training Workshop on "Developments of the Clinical Research Project on Sickle Cell Patients" Concludes at AGU
19/02/2018 AGU Organises the First Internal Medicine Conference in Late March
19/02/2018 Al Jawhara Center Holds the First Seminar on Genetic Disorders
18/02/2018 Launch of the First International Training Conference on Drones for Geoinformatics Next April
18/02/2018 AGU’s Quality & Excellence Center Participates in Workshop on QS World University Rankings
14/02/2018 AGU Launches Awareness Campaign on Obesity Risk
14/02/2018 AGU Participates in Health Cities Workshop to Protect Health of Residents
12/02/2018 AGU Organises "Cooking Without Fire" Competition for its Students
12/02/2018 A Delegation From Saudi Ministry of Education Visits Arabian Gulf University
08/02/2018 AGU’s Academic Presents Results of First Project to Standardise Autism Disorder Rating Scale in GCC
06/02/2018 Study in AGU: Positive Impact for Play-Based Academic Programmes on Children
05/02/2018 AGU’s Fourth Scientific Salon Discusses “Talent Management and Investment in Minds”
04/02/2018 AGU Continues the Campaign of "Bears Hospital" to Break Fear of the Doctor, Hospital, and Medicines Barrier
04/02/2018 Dr Al-Ohaly Launches the Medical Scientific Research Exhibition
31/01/2018 Arabian Gulf University launched D4GEO “Drones for Geomatics: International Conference and Capacity Building Workshops”
31/01/2018 Al Jawhara Center Receives College of American Pathologies Accreditation
31/01/2018 AGU’s Efforts Praised by Top GCC Officials
29/01/2018 Al-Hajari and Al-Oraibi Discuss the Role of Media in Institutional Innovation at AGU
28/01/2018 1st GCC Conference for Education and Human Development Concludes
25/01/2018 Awareness Campaign for World Rare Disease Day Launched in February 2018
24/01/2018 Dr Al-Ohaly Inaugurates the 1st GCC Conference for Education and Human Development
24/01/2018 Academics from AGU Complete the "Professionalisation Programme" as Part of Initiatives to Develop Higher Education
24/01/2018 AGU’s Cultural Cafe Discusses the Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism from Educational And Medical Perspectives
18/01/2018 Al Jawhara Center Announces Opening Registration for the Arab Genetic Research Association Conference
16/01/2018 Conclusion of the First Workshop on "Strategic Planning Skills for the National Water Plan" at AGU
16/01/2018 AGU’s Al-Zayani Participates in the Workshop "Preparedness for Biological and Nuclear Emergencies in the Health Sector"
16/01/2018 The Scientific Salon at AGU discusses "Urban Planning And Management: Tools for Disaster Risk Reduction”
16/01/2018 "Career Day" at AGU Concludes with Wide Gulf Participation
14/01/2018 University Medical Centre of King Abdullah Medical City Witnesses Qualitative Surgery on the Spine of a Bahraini Elder
14/01/2018 Academic Cooperation and Joint Supervision Between AGU and the University of Queensland in Australia
14/01/2018 AGU implements training workshop on "Strategic Planning Skills for the National Water Plan"
11/01/2018 AGU Meets with the GCC Standardisation Organisation in Riyadh
09/01/2018 A Study at AGU Assesses Sustainability of Water Resources Management in Saudi Arabia
09/01/2018 In Collaboration with the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands Two Workshops on "Problem-based Learning" Conclude
08/01/2018 Sponsored by the President of AGU Under the Theme "Educational Horizons With an Innovative Vision"
07/01/2018 AGU Signs First Contracts for King Abdullah Medical City Construction
03/01/2018 "The First Gulf Conference for Education and Human Development" is Launched Under the Theme "Educational Horizons With a
03/01/2018 The Shift Towards Smart Cities in GCC Countries.. Preparing for the Post-Oil Era
25/12/2017 An AGU Academic Earns Cognitive Therapy Certificate
25/12/2017 Researcher in AGU Evaluates Human Activities’ Impact on the Ecological and Biophysical Variables of the Mangrove Ecosyst
24/12/2017 Dr Hamada of AGU Selected for WHO’s Advisory Committee on Health Research
20/12/2017 AGU Presents the 21st Century University Model
19/12/2017 AGU Exhibits King Abdullah Medical City Plans at Gulf Medical Expo
19/12/2017 Medical Students Train in 3D Printing With Informational Support From King Abdullah Medical City University Medical Cent
13/12/2017 65 Doctors Participate in Electrocardiogram Workshop at AGU
13/12/2017 Bahrain has the potential to become a global leader in the use of drones in geomatics
10/12/2017 550 Children Visit AGU Teddy Bear Hospital
10/12/2017 An Academic Team at AGU Participates in "Tech No Disability" Conference
06/12/2017 Al-Samadi Represents AGU in International Conference
06/12/2017 AGU Graduates the Sixth Batch of the Integrated Water Resources Management Diploma Programme
06/12/2017 The Regional Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Conference Concludes at Princess Al Jawhara Center
05/12/2017 AGU Graduate Wins the Infantile Spasms Heroes Award
04/12/2017 Opportunities Equity Committee at AGU Holds its Fifth Meeting
04/12/2017 The 1st Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Conference in the Region Begins
03/12/2017 Research Team at the Princess Al Jawhara Center Proves Effectiveness of Viagra in Treating Breast Cancer
03/12/2017 AGU Teddy Bear Hospital to Open Next Friday
29/11/2017 Swedish Team Updates Blood Disease Associations on Clinical Research Project Developments
28/11/2017 Dr Raouf Fadel Receives Dr Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa Award for Scientific Research
28/11/2017 The Geoinformatics Department at AGU Implements a Research Project to Estimate Carbon Amounts in the Mangrove Environmen
26/11/2017 Innovation Management of AGU Hosts Experts to Discuss Social Innovation
22/11/2017 French Arabian Business School
21/11/2017 AGU Showcases International Research in Medical Computer Simulation
21/11/2017 Preparations are Underway for the Launch of the PGD Unit at Al-Jawhara Center
16/11/2017 College of Graduate Studies Soon to Launch "Scientific Salon" Activities
16/11/2017 AGU is Conducting the Final Package Exam for Sixth Batch Students in the Integrated Water Resources Management Diploma P
15/11/2017 Researchers from AGU’s Department of Environmental Management participate in "We Are the Future" workshop in Beirut
14/11/2017 AGU Prepares to Launch Biomedical Computer Simulation Conference
09/11/2017 The Middle East Molecular Biology Congress Honours Professor Bakhiet
08/11/2017 AGU participates in the world's largest genetics conference
08/11/2017 AGU’s Alsabbagh Wins the Rashid bin Humaid Award For Culture And Science for the Second Consecutive Year
06/11/2017 Arab Forum for Environment and Development concludes its 10th conference with the active participation of AGU students
06/11/2017 AGU to Inaugurate Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Centre and Conference in December
06/11/2017 AGU participates in "Trends of Informatics Culture for Healthcare Professionals and the Role of Librarians" Seminar in M
05/11/2017 AGU Honours Dr Deifalla for his Efforts in the University Council
05/11/2017 AGU is a Symbol of the Solidarity and Cooperation of GCC Countries
05/11/2017 AGU Participates in Workshop on how to Prepare Social Media Strategies
31/10/2017 AGU Participates in International Society of Addiction Medicine Conference in Abu Dhabi
31/10/2017 An AGU Academic and Student Delegation Participates in the Arab Forum for Environment and Development Convention
30/10/2017 AGU Graduate Develops Treatment for Ankylosing Spondylitis Patient in Canada
29/10/2017 University Medical Centre celebrates world sight day
26/10/2017 Geoinformatics Team Participates in Seminar on the Uses of Modern Technologies in Field Survey and its Applications
26/10/2017 AGU Discusses Strategic Visions for the Digital Economy
26/10/2017 AGU Honours Nurses Involved in Clinical Research Project
24/10/2017 AGU Celebrates World Sight Day Next Thursday
23/10/2017 AGU Participates in Workshop Discusses Youth Issues and Social Media in GCC
23/10/2017 President of AGU Praises “Cloud Of Hope” Student Initiative
23/10/2017 Researcher Omran stresses the need to study the impact of genetic and environmental factors and the use of personalized
23/10/2017 AGU Launches Annual Vaccination Campaign Against Seasonal Flu
17/10/2017 Princess Al Jawhara Centre Organises Conference on “Human Genetics, Epigenetics, and Personalised Genomics” Next March
17/10/2017 Structure Researcher at AGU Completes Postdoctoral Fellowship At Harvard Medical University
16/10/2017 Princess Al Jawhara Centre Hosts Chinese Professor to Showcase "Latest Strategies in Cancer Treatment"
16/10/2017 AGU Academic Calls for Initiatives to Promote Mental Health in the Workplace
12/10/2017 14 Candidates Win Student Council Elections at AGU’s College of Medicine
11/10/2017 Scientific Day for Genetics Concludes at Al Jawhara Centre
10/10/2017 AGU’s Equal Opportunities for both Genders Committee Holds its 2nd meeting
09/10/2017 Graduate Students at AGU Attend Their First Conference
09/10/2017 Charting a Roadmap at the Conclusion of the Groundwater Expert Meeting at AGU
08/10/2017 New Study at AGU on "The Changing Clinical Pattern of Granulomatous Mastitis Disease”
08/10/2017 Dr Buqawah participates in "Empowering Women in Leadership and STEM" programme in USA
04/10/2017 AGU participates in the European Council for High Ability in Dublin
04/10/2017 Opening of the 20th Academic Book Fair at Arabian Gulf University
03/10/2017 Ministry of Health and AGU Discuss Means Of Enhancing Cooperation
03/10/2017 “Expert Meeting on Capacity Building in Groundwater Governance in the Arab Region” Begins
28/09/2017 Kuwaiti Ambassador Reviews King Abdullah Medical City Project and Checks on Kuwaiti Students
27/09/2017 Saudi Minister of Education praises the efforts of AGU and its employees
27/09/2017 Bahrain Hosts “Expert Meeting on Capacity Building in Groundwater Governance in the Arab Region” Early October
26/09/2017 Two AGU Academics are Participating in High Level Conference on "Assessment of Climate Change and Adaptation in the Arab
24/09/2017 E-Learning Specialist at Arabian Gulf University Within an International Jury
24/09/2017 Appointment of Dr Al-Jenaid as Head of AGU’s Geoinformatics Department
24/09/2017 AGU Launches International Biomedical Computer Simulation Conference in November
20/09/2017 President of AGU Appreciates the Support of the Wise Bahraini Leadership for 37 Years
19/09/2017 Education Minister receives AGU President
19/09/2017 Medical Team Announces Discovery of New Proteins in Bahraini Multiple Sclerosis Patients
18/09/2017 AGU Participates in the Regional National Committees Meeting of the International Hydrological Programme and its Network
13/09/2017 Appointment of Dr. Ben Salah as Chairman of Family & Community Medicine Department at AGU’s College of Medicine
13/09/2017 President of AGU Issues a Resolution to Form Committees of the College of Graduate Studies
11/09/2017 Research Team at AGU Finds New Treatment For Inflammatory Bowel Disease
10/09/2017 AGU Holds Entrance Exams for GCC Students
10/09/2017 AGU Participates in “Open and User Innovation” Conference in Austria
10/09/2017 Dr. Arnaud Lacheret is the new Director of French Arabian Business School
29/08/2017 AGU Participates in World Education Summit in Delhi
28/08/2017 AGU Alumni Association Launches New Smart Application for Graduate Students
28/08/2017 Al-Hajri trains new journalists on “The Art of Report Writing"
27/08/2017 Depression Most Common Psychiatric Disorder among Autistic Teenagers
20/08/2017 Arabian Gulf University discusses means of cooperation with Korea
20/08/2017 AGU Signs MoU with GCC Standardisation Organisation
13/07/2017 Tamkeen and AGU discuss opportunities for cooperation and strategic partnership
29/06/2017 Psychiatry at AGU publishes eight specialised researches in one year with student participation
21/06/2017 Arabian Gulf University Forum calls for national strategies to promote Biotechnology
20/06/2017 AGU Signs Cooperation Agreement with Italy-based the University of Catania
19/06/2017 An AGU student participates in the Elite
15/06/2017 The Minister of Education Praises the Achievement of AGU on the Advanced Ranking in the QS Global List of the Best Unive
15/06/2017 AGU Academic receives the Best Lecture Award International Congress of Molecular Medicine in Italy
13/06/2017 AGU participates in the 3rd International Conference on Education in Malaysia
13/06/2017 Dr. Ghada Al-Khafaji of AGU receives Best Research Award at the World Cancer Genome Conference
13/06/2017 Research: 94% of Kuwait Elementary Students have Difficulty in Recognising Words
11/06/2017 It Maintained Top Position at Bahrain Level...AGU Rated Sixth Best University in GCC and Seventh in the Arab World
05/06/2017 AGU Participates in Second Meeting of GEO 6 Report Authors
01/06/2017 AGU Study Reveals: Music contributes in Raising Social Interaction of Children’s with Autism
01/06/2017 AGU Wishes Farewell to its Retired Cadres
30/05/2017 Kuwaiti Researcher at AGU Forecasts Educational Needs until 2024
30/05/2017 AGU Organises “Clinical Education Skills” and “Examination Preparations” Workshops in collaboration with the University
28/05/2017 Dr. Hamid Al-Azmi New Chairman of AGU Board of Trustees
24/05/2017 AGU Holds Meeting to Open Bidding Envelopes on First Phase of King Abdullah Medical City
23/05/2017 Sixth year CMMS Students Doing Final Clinical and Written Examinations
23/05/2017 Researcher at AGU studies the differences in evaluation of teachers of intellectual disabilities towards transitional se
21/05/2017 AGU is holding midterm examinations for the sixth batch students in the Diploma Programme for Integrated Water Resources
17/05/2017 Scientific Medical Research Day at AGU Concludes Successfully
16/05/2017 Researcher at AGU assesses the sustainability of the municipal water sector management system in Kuwait
16/05/2017 The 2017 Talent Show at AGU Successfully Concludes
10/05/2017 Researcher at AGU receives the Shaikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani Award for Educational Research
09/05/2017 Researcher at AGU designs a training programme to develop the skills of non-verbal communication for people with autism
08/05/2017 Bahrain participates in Los Angeles Ophthalmic conference
07/05/2017 AGU hosts National Discussion regarding health policies and sustainable development objectives
03/05/2017 Dr. Al-Khamisi chosen as arbitrator for international conference held in Osaka
26/04/2017 AGU Trains Institutions on Disaster and Crises Management
26/04/2017 AGU to Mark World Intellectual Property Day
19/04/2017 GCC countries are the global focus of investment in innovation
18/04/2017 AGU Academic participates in Berlin e-Learning Conference
17/04/2017 AGU celebrates World Intellectual Property Day in cooperation with GCC Patent Office
17/04/2017 International Workshop on Rare Diseases Registries and National Plans concluded successfully
17/04/2017 Al Qahtani represents AGU in the International Conference on Giftedness and Creativity in Sharjah
17/04/2017 Dr Al-Kafaji Received Best Research Award
16/04/2017 AGU holds its second meeting with sickle cell disease patients to introduce the results and developments of the clinical
16/04/2017 Al-Jawhara Centre: Israa’s discovery to be turned it into a drug to treat intractable diseases
16/04/2017 AGU presents the history of psychotherapy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
12/04/2017 AGU discusses the establishment of an innovation center with UNIDO on Entrepreneurship Day
12/04/2017 AGU Marks the World Autism Awareness Day
10/04/2017 AGU Forum to Discuss Food and Water Security in GCC
10/04/2017 Under the slogan "Autism is not a disability but a different ability"
09/04/2017 The Fifth Scientific Conference for AGU Students Begins
06/04/2017 AGU participates in the first Gulf Statistical Forum
02/04/2017 The Arabian Journal of Science exclusively publishes Aldkeel’s research results on the relation of time management to th
02/04/2017 Gulf Arab University students organise blood donation campaign in cooperation with King Hamad University Hospital
30/03/2017 First Workshop on Climate Change Concludes at AGU
30/03/2017 University Alumni Association of AGU Gather Students Under One GCC Umbrella With Its New Identity
28/03/2017 Conclusion of “Acute Medical Risks" workshop at AGU with participation of 30 doctors and interns
28/03/2017 Arabian Gulf University Participates in Global Environmental Outlook 6 Report Author Meeting in Italy
27/03/2017 Two academics from AGU participate in the second session of the professional developmental program for higher education
27/03/2017 AGU and the King Abdul Aziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity sign MoU to support creativity
27/03/2017 Eight International Researches in Distance Learning and
23/03/2017 Alumni Association at AGU launches its new identity and electronic website
23/03/2017 Princess Al-Jawhara Center in Manama holds an international assembly to deal with rare diseases
23/03/2017 King Abdullah Medical City Organises a Dental Examination Campaign
23/03/2017 AGU wins Statistical Research for Youth prizes at the first GCC Statistical Forum in Riyadh
22/03/2017 President of the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) Dr. Khalid bin Abdul Rahman Al-Ohali expressed his gratitude to the gover
20/03/2017 AGU Participated in the International Patients Simulation Network Conference
20/03/2017 Priorities for Improving Academic Accreditation Sector
15/03/2017 AGU Participated in Construction Conference
14/03/2017 Rare diseases International Workshop
14/03/2017 Gulf States Produce 40% of the World’s dates
12/03/2017 French Arabian Business School Students Successfully Complete Training Programme in France
08/03/2017 Gifted and Creativity Forum at AGU
08/03/2017 Cook without Fire Contest
02/03/2017 AGU Marks Gulf Talent and Creativity Day
01/03/2017 AGU Launches Innovative Online Discovery Programme
21/02/2017 Assessing the Effectiveness Processes of Attention of Gifted students
20/02/2017 AGU President Welcomes Joint Cooperation with WHO
19/02/2017 Innovations and Scientific Research Outcomes Implementation Mechanisms
16/02/2017 H.R.H. Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa Hails the Saudi Leadership's Support for Bahrain
15/02/2017 AGU Students Organized Sports Day
15/02/2017 Dr. Alabbasi published a new paper on creativity assessments and definitions
09/02/2017 AGU Concluded Regional Soil Salinity Evaluation and Management Workshop
07/02/2017 AGU Concluded Torrance Tests Workshop
07/02/2017 Positive Rresults achieved by AGU’s Clinical Research Project
05/02/2017 AGU Launched the 3rd Workshop of its Strategy 2017-2021
05/02/2017 Career Day at AGU
02/02/2017 AGU and World Bank Discussed Cooperation
02/02/2017 Electronic Learning Seminar at AGU
31/01/2017 Start Prequalification works for King Abdullah Medical City
26/01/2017 AGU will host the first International Pediatric Conference on 23-24 February 2017
26/01/2017 AGU Concludes Institutional Innovation Lectures Series
23/01/2017 AGU Students Launches Wheat "Sulaiak" Allergy Awareness Campaign
18/01/2017 AGU Hosted King Faisal University Affiliation Exams
18/01/2017 AGU Vice President Opens Students Annual Creativity Products Exhibition
17/01/2017 AGU Establishes "Clinical Skills and Simulation Center" to enhance the quality of education and scientific research
17/01/2017 AGU Graduate Invent a new approach of Knee and Joint Replacement
15/01/2017 Prof. Dahmani: Technology Transfer Needs Harmony among its Parties
15/01/2017 King Abdullah Medical City KAMC Participates in Arab Health 2017 Exhibition in Dubai
15/01/2017 Dr. Bannari Member of the International Geoinformatics Conference Scientific Committee
12/01/2017 AGU Signed Cooperation Agreement with Leader Healthcare
12/01/2017 AGU will conduct the first International Pearl Pediatric Conference on 23-24 February 2017
04/01/2017 AGU Participates in Windsor Trust Leadership programme
04/01/2017 AGU Concludes Innovation Forum
26/12/2016 AGU researcher reveals the basis that leads to Tumoral Calcinosis
25/12/2016 AGU Participates in the Preparation of the 3rd National Report of Climate change
25/12/2016 AGU and Saudi Fund for Development Signed new Agreement
14/12/2016 AGU Students Research Poster Wins in International Conference
14/12/2016 AGU Participates in the International Molecular Biology Conference
13/12/2016 Integral Innovation
13/12/2016 AGU Students Studying in USA Celebrates the Kingdom of Bahrain National Day
12/12/2016 AGU Students Celebrates World Diabetes Day 2016
12/12/2016 AGU Participates in Gulf Water Resources Conference
07/12/2016 ECG Workshop Concluded
07/12/2016 The Torrance Incubation Model of Creative Teaching and Learning
05/12/2016 AGU Revise its Executive Plan in the University Five-Year Strategic Plan
05/12/2016 AGU Participates in the 3rd International Costal Areas Engineering Conference
01/12/2016 Dr. Abdulla received the Doctoral-level Research Award from the National Association for Gifted Children
28/11/2016 Dr. Shawar was selected to participate in arbitration summaries American Conference glands Association in Florida
27/11/2016 The 2nd Second Forum of Clinical Research Concluded
22/11/2016 AGU Hosts the 2nd Second Forum of Clinical Research
22/11/2016 Exclusive Agreement with BCN Drone Center (Spain) for Department of Geoinformatics as Educational Focal Point for the GC
21/11/2016 Media Unit Published the 6th Issue of the University Magazine
21/11/2016 New Trends in Innovation
20/11/2016 AGU Participated in the GCC Universities Registrars and Admission Deans 15th Meeting
20/11/2016 Undersecretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Discussed Future Cooperation Opportunities with AGU
17/11/2016 AGU Participates in the 13th Meeting of Higher Education Joint Work Committees
16/11/2016 CMMS Concludes Advanced Workshop
16/11/2016 AGU Emphasizes the Importance of Education Role in Sustainable Development
15/11/2016 Dr. Abdulla Won the Doctoral Student Award from the National Association for Gifted Children
13/11/2016 French Arabian Business School Launching the fifth batch of the MBA program
13/11/2016 CMMS Students Launched Diabetes Awareness Campaign
10/11/2016 Dr.Dahmani Presents AGU Vision in Strengthen Innovation
09/11/2016 Saudi Ambassador Briefed on the progress of work at King Abdullah Medical City
08/11/2016 AGU Launched the 19th Academic Book Exhibition
03/11/2016 Gifted Education Program Organized Photography Competition
03/11/2016 A Research in Environment Studies Wins Regional Prize
01/11/2016 AGU Launched Personalized Medicine Master Degree
26/10/2016 The Graduation of the 1st Batch of Qualified Diploma Students
26/10/2016 AGU Launched Innovation Management PhD
26/10/2016 Research Selected as the Cover Page of the International Medical Journal "Bone."
19/10/2016 AGU Students Launched “Think Pink” Campaign
17/10/2016 AGU Participates in the Professional Development Program for Higher Education Institutions Staff
06/10/2016 AGU Hosted Training Program for Bahraini Schools who related to UNSCO
04/10/2016 Dr. Al-Ohaly: Building King Abdulla Medical City project will start at the beginning of 2017
04/10/2016 AGU Participated in Harvard University Innovation Conference
29/09/2016 0171.jpg
29/09/2016 H.M. King Hamad meets AGU President, and hails Saudi Stances
27/09/2016 AGU and KHUH Developed E- Training Programs Quality
25/09/2016 Secretariat General of the Gulf Cooperation Council Discuss with AGU Establishing GCC Academic Institute
25/09/2016 Dr. Cristina Skrypnyk Participates in new study about Exome Sequencing
22/09/2016 New Student Attended Preparation Day
21/09/2016 AGU Medicine Students Concluded their Training Program
07/09/2016 AGU Continue Progress in QS Universities Ranking
06/09/2016 New study identify the differences between the dimensions of burnout and vocational satisfaction among teachers
04/09/2016 A new studies at AGU investigating teacher’s response to intervention framework
04/09/2016 A new study examine the links between psychological stress and social support within families of disabled children
31/08/2016 214 GCC Students Performed Admission Tests
30/08/2016 New study: Students social behavior skills with gifted and ordinary with learning disabilities
29/08/2016 A new Comprehensive Introductory Program for Year -2 Students
25/08/2016 AGU Participates in the 12th International Conference on Dryland Development
25/08/2016 A New Study Recommending the Development of Reading Skills for Students with Learning Disabilities
24/08/2016 Differences in expressive language dimensions between fifth grade students with and without reading disabilities
24/08/2016 A new study calls for new strategies consider Individual differences among students
13/07/2016 AGU Strategy 2017-2021
13/07/2016 AGU Continue Scientific and Medical Communications Plan with International Experts to Establish Clinical simulation Cent
03/07/2016 Graduate Studies Published Activities Report 2016
03/07/2016 The Foundation of Clinical simulation Center
03/07/2016 Dr. Abdulaziz Mohammed new coordinator of Date Palms Biological Control and Integrated Control Work Team
26/06/2016 The Effect of Counseling Program to Develop Career Awareness
21/06/2016 Biotechnology-based removal of sulfur from diesel Bio desulfurization
20/06/2016 Computerized Program about Addition and Subtraction Skills of Disabled Learners
16/06/2016 AGU and IGBA Study GCC Soil Salinity and Properties Mapping using Remote Sensing
15/06/2016 AGU Organized Creativity in Solving Pproblems Workshop
15/06/2016 Reducing Disruptive Behavior of Learning Disabled
14/06/2016 Maha Alsabbagh Obtained here PhD in Environment from the University of Leeds – UK
13/06/2016 Hydro chemical Characterization of Groundwater in Kuwait
09/06/2016 External Examiner Evaluates Medicine Students
09/06/2016 AGU Strategy 2017-2021
07/06/2016 Dr. Fida participates in the 15th International Conference on Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) in Bologna, Italy
06/06/2016 Future Ddevelopment Methodology at the College of Medicine
06/06/2016 Future Ddevelopment Methodology at the College of Medicine
01/06/2016 AGU and VIVA Bahrain Discussed Cooperation
31/05/2016 AGU Participated in the GCC Community Service Deanships 22nd Meeting
30/05/2016 AGU’s Board of Trustees Honored Prof. Abdullah Al-Quneem
30/05/2016 AGU Celebrates World Family Doctors' Day
26/05/2016 Final Year Medicine College Students Starts Exams
26/05/2016 AGU to collaborate with GLI on a New PhD Program in Innovation Management
24/05/2016 The impact of climate change on Water Resources in the Kingdom of Bahrain
24/05/2016 AGU Participated in the 3rd International Conference of Family Physicians (WONCA) in Dubai
23/05/2016 Dr. Al- Hindal invited by Mutah University
22/05/2016 AGU Celebrates the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB)
22/05/2016 A new Comparison Study about Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder
17/05/2016 Professor Zubari: GCC must have emergency plan to ensure the sustainability of water
17/05/2016 Winners of English Speaking Contest Honored by Students Affairs Deanship
17/05/2016 AGU Participates in GCC day of Learning Difficulties
15/05/2016 AGU Organized second annual cultural trip for the foundation students
12/05/2016 AGU directed its Scientific Research towards Innovation
11/05/2016 New study: family adjustment and its Relationship of self-concept in Adolescents
10/05/2016 Health Ministers’ Council for GCC States Consider AJC a GCC Medical Reference
10/05/2016 AGU Students Embodies a mode of GCC Union
08/05/2016 MOU signature between AGU and Air Business Academy (Airbus Group Company) to launch an Aviation Management MBA
08/05/2016 AGU Participates in Qatar Genome Program
08/05/2016 AGU participated in the 2nd Meeting of Strategic Planning Team for GCC Universities Presidents and Rectors Committee
08/05/2016 AGU Students Celebrates GCC Day
04/05/2016 Innovation and Social Transformation International Symposium
04/05/2016 Medicine Students Completed Training Course in Family Medicine
02/05/2016 AGU Organized Talent Employees Ceremony
25/04/2016 ECG Workshop Concluded
24/04/2016 Dr Afaf Buqawa Obtained PhD in Information Technology
24/04/2016 AGU Cooperates with NIAD
19/04/2016 AGU Launches Autism Spectrum Training Course
17/04/2016 Paris Agreement Will be Signed on the 22nd of April
17/04/2016 AGU Participated in GCC Universities Gathering
14/04/2016 AGU Participates in Al-Ahsa Forum for Gifted Children
11/04/2016 AGU's 4th Annual Medical Student Conference Concluded
10/04/2016 AGU's 4th Annual Medical Student Conference
07/04/2016 AGU Open Admission for Graduate Studies Programs
04/04/2016 A lecturer from the AGU Presents Pathways Towards Sustainable Mobility in Bahrain
04/04/2016 His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Honored the Graduates of the 6TH Batch of Professional Diploma
31/03/2016 AGU Participated in the GCC Universities Registrars and Admission Deans Extraordinary Meeting
31/03/2016 The 18th Meeting of Deans and Directors of GCC Higher Education Institutions Libraries Concluded
30/03/2016 AGU Organized Innovation and Social Transformation International Symposium
29/03/2016 The 8th Regional Stem Cells Conference Concluded
29/03/2016 The Countdown has Begun for Launching AGU’s 4th Students Conference
27/03/2016 The 8th Stem Cells Regional Conference: AGU and AUB Discussed Utilization of Stem Cells in the Medical Treatment Future
24/03/2016 Sumaya Yousif Wins Venus International Women Award
23/03/2016 Deans of Libraries Discuss the Possibility of Linking GCC Universities Libraries
22/03/2016 AGU Celebrates World Down Syndrome Day
22/03/2016 AGU Launches Innovation Management Doctorate Program
15/03/2016 AGU Organized Professionalism and Medical Ethics Workshop
15/03/2016 AGU Wins E-link Quality Award
14/03/2016 Pan-Gulf institution extols Kuwaiti support
10/03/2016 AGU Hosts a the 8th Stem Cells Regional conference
10/03/2016 AGU Honoring its Retired Employees
07/03/2016 AGU Celebrates the International Day of Down Syndrome
06/03/2016 AGU Celebrates 1st GCC Giftedness Day
03/03/2016 AGU Celebrates the 2nd Gulf Talent Day
02/03/2016 Award Winner - VIWA 2016 | Young Women Achiever
24/02/2016 AGU Participates in the Agricultural Innovations International Forum
24/02/2016 AGU Participates in the Middle East Medical Colleges Accreditation Regional Forum
22/02/2016 Dr. Tabbara Honored Participants in Work Challenges Workshop
21/02/2016 AJC Oorganizing a Public Awareness Campaign in Rare Disease Day in 2016
17/02/2016 AGU signed a Clinical Collaboration agreement with Dilaforette for Phase 2 Clinical Development of sevuparin for Sickle
15/02/2016 AGU Hosts the 1st Meeting of Strategic Planning Team for GCC Universities Presidents and Rectors Committee
11/02/2016 1st Forum in Clinical Research
04/02/2016 The Opening of Medical Students Scientific Day
02/02/2016 The President Meets Students Council Members
02/02/2016 AGU Students Participates in Awareness Campaign at Bahrain University Medical Centre
02/02/2016 Medical Students Scientific Day
31/01/2016 The Prevalence of Hand Writing Learning Disabilities
26/01/2016 Professor Abdullah Al-Ghunaim, Wins King Faisal International Prize
24/01/2016 foundation students of “AGU” have visited the site of Bahrain fort
20/01/2016 A new study : The effectiveness of Reciprocal Imitation and Video Modeling in Teaching Autistic Child
18/01/2016 Women and the Environment in Arabia
18/01/2016 Water Issues and Challenges in the GCC
17/01/2016 AGU Participates in Qatar Debate
17/01/2016 4th Annual Students Creative Products Exhibition
12/01/2016 (AGJSR) published its 1st. Issue of volume 33
10/01/2016 Academics from AGU Participates in the 4th Family Cohesion Seminar
10/01/2016 Department of Family & Community Medicine Discuss Ways of Academic Programs Development
30/12/2015 AGU Concludes Scientific Seminars Series
30/12/2015 The 5th Batch of Integrated Water Resources Management Diploma, IWRM Graduated
28/12/2015 Learning Based on Solving Problems Workshop
28/12/2015 A Researcher at AGU Wins the Prize of Best Student Research
22/12/2015 AGU Participates in Energy, Water and Environment International Conference
22/12/2015 Preparations for 4th Students Medical Conference Started
15/12/2015 Environmental Situation Reports Discussion Seminar
10/12/2015 New Academic Study Identifying the Perceived Academic Self-efficacy
08/12/2015 Foundation Year Class Four students of Arabian Gulf University hosted the Green, Safe Transportation Expo
01/12/2015 Towards Bahrain Genome Project: Building on International Experiences
01/12/2015 Dr Zibari Participates in the 8th Gulf Water and Electricity Rationalization Conference
26/11/2015 In Amwaj AGU Students Organized Protecting Children from Violence Campaign
26/11/2015 Academic from AGU Wins L’Oréal Foundation for Women Prize
25/11/2015 Dr Aljasem Participates in the Promote the Values of Citizenship Seminar
24/11/2015 AJC will Launch the 9th Genomics Scientific Conference next Saturday
24/11/2015 Dr Al-Ohaly Opened the 4th International Geoscience and Geomatics Conference
23/11/2015 AGU Launches Qualifying Diploma in Autism Studies In Association with Tamkeen
23/11/2015 AGU Forum Discussed the Prospects of New Medical Sciences
19/11/2015 4th International Geosciences and Geomatics Conference
18/11/2015 AGU Participates in the 8th AFED Conference on Sustainable Consumption
17/11/2015 Funded by the Arabian Gulf University and in collaboration with the Supreme Council for the Environment, Bahrain.
16/11/2015 College of Medicine Launches Administrative Leadership Program for Students
16/11/2015 Cooperation Agreement between AGU and Alba
02/11/2015 AGU Student Council: 12 Students Elected
02/11/2015 AGU Students Organized Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
29/10/2015 AJC Launches Scientific Seminars in Genetics
29/10/2015 AGU Scientific Forum calls for Investing Biotechnology in Food Security
18/10/2015 AGU Organized Introductory Meeting for New Graduate Studies Students
13/10/2015 AlJawhara Center ( AJC) become a member of the International Society for Neonatal screening (ISNS)
13/10/2015 AGU Participates in Eye on Earth Summit
04/10/2015 Dr. Al- Gahtani Head of Psychological Diseases
29/09/2015 AGU Continue Progress in QS Universities Ranking
16/09/2015 Acceptance of 205 Students from GCC at the University
07/09/2015 AGU Launches New Medical Research Project
07/09/2015 Premature Babies More Likely to have Learning Difficulties
02/09/2015 Premature Babies More Likely to have Learning Difficulties
02/09/2015 New Students Admission Examinations will Starts Today
30/06/2015 Academic Researchers from AGU Designed New Antibodies to Treat Cancer
25/06/2015 University Medical Centre Continue A Micro-surgical Operations with Successfully
25/06/2015 AGU Honoring a Number of Academic Staff
09/06/2015 Medical Students Organizing Food Safety Campaign
09/06/2015 20 Innovative Project at AGU 3rd Annual Exhibition for Innovation
04/06/2015 King Hamad Chair Symposium Recommended Partnership with UNESCO
01/06/2015 Preparations for Lunching Arabic Fellowship in Child Psychiatry
01/06/2015 The Acceptance of 20 Applicants in Professional Diploma for the Gifted
28/05/2015 The Opening of Sheik Zaid Academic Chair for Environment Studies Symposium
25/05/2015 Climate Change Convention Symposium
19/05/2015 Scientific Research Budget at AGU Raised to 7%
19/05/2015 CT Scans of the Heart Symposium at AGU
17/05/2015 King Hamad Chair Symposium Review international Personal learning experiences
14/05/2015 AGU Participates in Boston Scientific Conference
14/05/2015 Developed Cooperation Agreement Signed with Essc University
14/05/2015 Al-Riffa High School students Visits AGU
14/05/2015 Arabic Association for Gene Research Encourage Youth Scientists
14/05/2015 El-Sadek New President of Arabic –German Academy for Youth Scientists
12/05/2015 The 2nd Scientific Symposium of King Hamad Chair in the Field of E-Learning
10/05/2015 Arab League Choose AGU for the Preparation of Water and Food Security Correlation Project
05/05/2015 Water and Food Security Correlation Scientific Symposium at AGU
05/05/2015 Water Footprint IN GCC Countries Workshop
28/04/2015 AGU Participates in the Study of New Medication
27/04/2015 Alnaeem High School Students Visited AGU
21/04/2015 New Releases of Academic Book
19/04/2015 AGU Participates in the 1st Conference for Marine Environment Protection
15/04/2015 AGU Forum Experts Recommended A GCC Plan for Learning Difficulties
13/04/2015 AGU Students Participates in International Universities Debates Championship
12/04/2015 AGU Participates in Features of Autism Symposium
12/04/2015 Psychological Health Workshops at AGU
06/04/2015 Self Access Center Supervisor presents at the 4th ELTPN conference
06/04/2015 Acute Medicine Conference Recommendations
01/04/2015 Saudi Cultural Attaché Visited AGU’s Students Housing
01/04/2015 Start of 3rd Students Medical Conference
01/04/2015 Memorandum of Understanding between AGU and AETCGS
01/04/2015 Foundation Students Visited Al-Jasra Handcrafts Center
29/03/2015 Dr Tabbara Calls to Adopt Creative and Innovative GCC Youth
29/03/2015 FABS Students Attended Training Course in Paris
22/03/2015 KPMG Fakhro Support AGU’s Students Research
22/03/2015 Arab Gulf Journal of scientific Research (AGJSR) Published its 4th. Issue of volume 32
22/03/2015 AGU President Briefed on Workflow of King Abdullah Medical City
15/03/2015 AGU General Conference Held in Muscat
11/03/2015 ECG Workshop at AGU
11/03/2015 AGU Honored 96 Students
08/03/2015 AGU Celebrates 1st GCC Giftedness Day
05/03/2015 AGU Celebrated the International Day of Rare Diseases
24/02/2015 AGU Participates in Bahrain International Gardens Show
24/02/2015 AGU among National Team for Conservation of Nature
22/02/2015 AGU Honors Students Research Projects Participants
16/02/2015 12 Scientific Forums in the 35th Anniversary of AGU Founding
16/02/2015 HR Management Challenges Workshop
15/02/2015 AGU Organized the National Campaign of Rare Diseases Awareness
10/02/2015 Dr Alnaib: Cancer Rates will be Redoubled for the Next Two Decades
10/02/2015 A new study recommends the protection of olibanum-tree (Alban) in Oman
10/02/2015 AG U Utilized International Expertise in King Abdullah Medical City Design
10/02/2015 Hamdan bin Rashid Honors 5th batch graduates of gifted diploma
10/02/2015 Genome Approaches to Understand Genetic Disorders
08/02/2015 Dr Alnaib: Cancer Rates will be Redoubled for the Next Two Decades
05/02/2015 Hamdan bin Rashid Honors 5th batch graduates of gifted diploma
04/02/2015 AGU Presidents Met with Students Council
23/01/2015 A new study recommends the protection of olibanum-tree (Alban) in Oman
22/01/2015 AGU Implemented Water Resources Management Diploma
21/01/2015 "Al Jawhara" offers "Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis" soon
18/01/2015 Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians Honored Prof. Faisal Al-Nassir
12/01/2015 Students of Jad Hafs High School Visits AGU
12/01/2015 A New Study: Impact of Number’s Spatial Value on Student’s Achievement in Mathematics
07/01/2015 New Study about Casual Attribution and Academic Skills for Learning Disabilities
07/01/2015 Al-Eyman School students Visits AGU
06/01/2015 AGU Organize Libraries Quality Services Symposium
29/12/2014 Omran Revealed the Causes of Male Infertility
21/12/2014 Deanship of Students Affair Organized Student's Personality Refine Workshop
15/12/2014 AGU Students Participates in Business Forum
14/12/2014 Saar Girls High School Delegation Visits AGU
10/12/2014 A new Study Reveals Failure in Operational Functions with Autistic Children
10/12/2014 High School Students Visits AGU
03/12/2014 Preparations for 3rd Students Conference
03/12/2014 AGU Will Sign King Abdullah Medical City Designing Advisory Services Contract
02/12/2014 Dr Alkhamisi Promoted to Associate Professor
27/11/2014 AGU Participated in the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) Conference
27/11/2014 GCC Education Leaders Congratulates AGU for Obtaining High Ranking by QS
25/11/2014 Washington State University Delegation Visits AGU
20/11/2014 AGYA Launch its 1st Workshop at AGU
20/11/2014 Dr Fida Participates in the ASRM Conference
19/11/2014 Arabian Gulf University AGU president, receives a copy of the book wrote by Huda Omran entitled “the mystery of male inf
19/11/2014 Ashoor Participates in European Summit of Monoclonal Antibodies
18/11/2014 Dr Al-Zaiyani Participated Leadership Strategies in the Health Sector Workshop
18/11/2014 Dr Al-Ameen Calls Launching National Program for Newborns Screening
17/11/2014 AGU Participates in Strengthen GCC Citizenship Workshop
17/11/2014 AGU Trained Globe Program Students
12/11/2014 AGU Organized Intellectual Property Rights Workshop
11/11/2014 FABS Launching of Third Batch 2014-2016
11/11/2014 AGU and RCSI Established a New Fund for Scientific Research
10/11/2014 Dr Alkhatani Review Ideal Sleeping Techniques
05/11/2014 AGU Students Participates in Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns
05/11/2014 University Medical Centre Launched Intraocular Pressure Measurement Campaign
01/11/2014 AGU Concluded its17th Academic Book Fair
30/10/2014 IDB Financed AGU’s New Research Laboratory
23/10/2014 QS Classification Imposes New Challenges
22/10/2014 Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA) organizing 1’st international seminar
20/10/2014 Shaik Mohammad bin Abdullah Hailed AGU’s Role in Medical Education
20/10/2014 General Directorate of Civil Defense Trains AGU’S Staff on the Process of Evacuation
13/10/2014 Workshops in Mental Health at AGU
13/10/2014 University Medical Center Witness Qualitative Success in Medical Treatments
30/09/2014 Professor Faisal Al-Nassir Participates In International Conference
30/09/2014 Hamdan bin Rashid Award for Educational Performance Excellence Applied Torrance Tests
24/09/2014 (AGJSR, 32 (2/3) June/ Sept. 2014
23/09/2014 An annual regional Sub-Nodes’ meeting on the "support of the conduct and use of implementation and health policy & syste
22/09/2014 Princess Al-Jawhara wins Emirates International Prize
18/09/2014 Dr Ziabari Participates in the Arab World Water resources Experts Meeting
17/09/2014 AGU Established Data Bank for Genetic Structure in GCC
16/09/2014 AGU Ranked first in Bahrain According to QS 2014-09-16
14/09/2014 King Abdullah’s Medical City Leading Role in Medical Education
14/09/2014 AGU Participates in Middle East Molecular Biology Conference
11/09/2014 Enhancing oil-degrading capabilities of bacteria by sulfur starvation
11/09/2014 An academic member at Arabian Gulf University develops a new model for Immersive Design Learning Through Flipped Classr
10/09/2014 AGU Accepts 224 Medicine Students
08/09/2014 Cooperation agreement between AGU and UNECE
07/09/2014 Designing e-storytelling for Pre-school Children
07/09/2014 AGU Interviewed 260 New Students
04/09/2014 Genetic Mutations Leads to Arteries and Heart Disease
04/09/2014 Medical Team from AGU Participates in Surgery and Anesthesia Conference
03/09/2014 Genetic Mutations Leads to Arteries and Heart Disease
03/09/2014 A new study: Non-verbal intelligence Test can Detect of Learning Difficulties
31/08/2014 A New Study at AGU Discuss the Connection between Burnout and Work Engagement among Teachers
31/08/2014 Prof. Al-Nassir : Health Insurance Forum aims to Build Awareness of this National Project
03/07/2014 A presentation of King Hamad Chair in the Field of E-Learning Activities in China
02/07/2014 Productive Families Exhibition Concluded
02/07/2014 Corneal Transplantation at the University Medical Center
01/07/2014 AGU Lunched Awareness Campaign Against Smoking
01/07/2014 New Technology Enhanced King Fahd International Airport Operations
30/06/2014 AGU Support Suqia Water Aid Initiative of Emirates
29/06/2014 28 External Examiner Supervised AGU College of Medicine Exams
29/06/2014 AGU Celebrates the End of Academic Year Honoring Retired Staff
29/06/2014 AGU Celebrates the Graduation of Its Students from Medicine and Graduate Colleges
24/06/2014 CME session on “How to recognize a genetic disorder”
23/06/2014 Dr Al-Kafaji Participated in the Global Conference for the American Diabetes Association in San Francisco.
19/06/2014 Dr Al-Roomi Participates in the 33rd Meeting of Medicine Colleges Deans in GCC
18/06/2014 Electronic Games and Skills of Educational Attainment
18/06/2014 Dr Mariam Feda Calls for Genetic Screening
16/06/2014 Gifted Education Program Organized 2nd Innovative Products Exhibition
12/06/2014 22% Of Kuwaiti Industrial Companies Benefited from Government Innovation Support
12/06/2014 Dr Alagab Participates in 2014 Spring Global Conference On Education
11/06/2014 Capacity Building on Implementation Research /Health Policy Systems Research
08/06/2014 A Memorandum of Understanding between AGU and KHUH
08/06/2014 Gene Sequencing Workshop at AJC Concluded
05/06/2014 Link King Hamad University Hospital with Nebraska Medical Centre in USA
04/06/2014 AGU Discuss Scientific Cooperation with University of Seville
03/06/2014 Distance Learning Cooperation with King Hamad University Hospital
03/06/2014 $4B. Cost of Water Desalination in the Arab Region
29/05/2014 AGU Participates in Food Security Consultative Meeting in Kuwait
28/05/2014 AGU President Briefed on the Progress of Examinations
28/05/2014 Hamdan bin Rashid Award Renew its Cooperation with AGU
28/05/2014 Sheik Abdulaziz High School Students Visits AGU
26/05/2014 English Language Department hosts the 14th Annual English Speaking Contest, April 28th 2014
26/05/2014 Basics of Cognitive Therapy and Behavioral Workshop Concluded
21/05/2014 Bahrain Medical Society BMS Discuss with AGU Advanced Training Programs
21/05/2014 AGU Celebrates First Graduates from FABS in Paris
20/05/2014 Classroom Interaction Workshop at AGU
19/05/2014 Mass Interaction with Fighting Osteoporosis Campaign
19/05/2014 The Khalifa Award for Education Coordinator Urges Researchers and Institutes to Prepare For Nomination
18/05/2014 Muharraq High School Students Visits AGU
18/05/2014 New Warning from High Spread of High Cholesterol
14/05/2014 Dr Tabbara Visited Versailles University
13/05/2014 AJC and Bertinoro University Concluded Specialized Genetic Workshops
12/05/2014 A Medical Team from the University Medical Center Succeed in Knee joint Transplantation Operation
12/05/2014 Dr Alansari President of Founding Committee of Arab Board of Psychiatry
12/05/2014 East Riffa High School Students Visits AGU
12/05/2014 54 Doctors Participates in ECG Workshop at AGU
08/05/2014 A Study Recommend The Use of Numerical Modeling to Simulate the Tsunami
08/05/2014 AJC and Bertinoro University organizes Specialized Genetic Workshops
06/05/2014 AGU Lunched Fighting Osteoporosis Campaign
05/05/2014 A New Study about Renal Nerve
05/05/2014 AGU Celebrates accreditation from the National Commission for Academic Accreditation & Assessment
04/05/2014 Non-Revenue water Workshop Concluded
29/04/2014 AGU Wins in GMDC Contest
29/04/2014 AGU hosts a seminar on expats' conditions
28/04/2014 H.H.Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa Honored Dr Feda
27/04/2014 Nodal Institution to support the conduct and use of implementation and health policy & systems research in policy and pr
27/04/2014 OIC Countries Experiences in Water Reduction
24/04/2014 Calls for Developing Information Technology Governance Research
24/04/2014 English department presents at two conferences
21/04/2014 FABS Students Concluded Training Program
21/04/2014 AGU Participates in Supporting Red Crescent Efforts
17/04/2014 AGU Wins Khalifa Award of Distinguished University Professor
17/04/2014 Arabian Gulf University is accredited by the National Commission for Academic Accreditation & Assessment
16/04/2014 Al-Jenaid Discussed AGU Efforts in Climate Change Studies
16/04/2014 Dr Tabbara Meets Essec University President
16/04/2014 AGU’s Students Visits the University of Hail
08/04/2014 AGU’S New Students Visits Bahrain National Museum
08/04/2014 Dr Al-Jenaid Wins American Scholarship for Specialized Leadership Program
02/04/2014 Dr. Hawamda : High Rates of Autistic Disorder the Last Three Decades
01/04/2014 Disability Measurement Workshop Concluded
26/03/2014 GCC 5th Consolidated week for Oral Health and Dental Started at AJC
25/03/2014 AGU Organized Measuring Developmental Disabilities in Early Childhood Workshop
24/03/2014 Staff and Students form Graduates College Participates in Art of Eastern Theatre Workshop
23/03/2014 Recommendation to Develop Students Social Skills
23/03/2014 Forensic Medicine Conference at AGU
19/03/2014 A new addition of Arabian Gulf Journal of Scientific Research AGJSR
19/03/2014 Kuwait Ambassador Visits AGU
17/03/2014 Scientific evidence in Medicine Workshop Concluded at AGU
17/03/2014 AGU Library Measures Quality by +LibQUAL
17/03/2014 Pro. Al-Nassir : 60 M. Diabetic Patients in 2030
16/03/2014 AGU’s Students Forensic Medicine Conference
12/03/2014 A Study at AGU Calls for Guidance Programs in Learning Difficulties
12/03/2014 Dr Al-Nassir Visits Yemen with GCC Delegation
11/03/2014 Cognitive Structure Differentiation and Its Impact on Learning Outcomes
11/03/2014 AGU Qualified for Mobile Phones Application International Contest
10/03/2014 Dr Hawamda Participates in Early Childhood Conference
10/03/2014 A New Reference Book in Gifted Education
09/03/2014 FASRC Discussed Cooperation with AGU
06/03/2014 strategic planning and financial management in the public sector workshops held at the AGU
06/03/2014 Press news- Rare diseases day 2014 – 28 February
05/03/2014 Diagnosis Models of Autism Workshop
05/03/2014 Training Cooperation between AGU and National Foundation for Disabled Services
03/03/2014 AGU Honoring 98 Distinguished Students
27/02/2014 Saudi Ambassador: The Kingdom will continue supporting AGU
26/02/2014 The expanded meeting for the advisory committee on health research and research experts to discuss “integrating research
24/02/2014 AGU receives Oman grant
24/02/2014 A New Geomatics Centre at AGU
13/02/2014 Family Ties and Mentally Handicapped Children Self-esteem
11/02/2014 French Arabian Business School organizes HR Development Workshop
11/02/2014 Academic from AGU participate in Doha Conference on Physical Activity and Health
11/02/2014 Serving the community and promoting AJC services
11/02/2014 AGU Announced Student’s Research Contest Results
05/02/2014 Genetic Screening Protects Future Generations from Cancer
05/02/2014 A new study :Bacterial Degradation of the Saturate Fraction of Arabian Light Crude oil: Biosurfactant Production and the
04/02/2014 AGU President Opens Student’s Annual Research Exhibition
03/02/2014 A new study addressing the water situation
03/02/2014 Dr Al-Nassir : Success Rate is the highest in the History of Arab Board of Family Medicine Tests
27/01/2014 Dr Elgazzar Developing eLearning Environments for Field Practitioners and Developmental Researchers
23/01/2014 Sar Elementary School Students Visits Aljawhara Centre
22/01/2014 Arab Gulf Journal of scientific Research (AGJSR) Publishes Issue # 4 of volume 31 & an Additional Special Issue
22/01/2014 A new study at AGU: IQ and achievement
16/01/2014 AGU Conducted the First Bladder Cancer Operation in the Middle East using ALA-DUCK Technology
16/01/2014 Dr Zaibari Meets Globe Program Students
14/01/2014 The Formation of Working Groups to Develop Clinical Research
07/01/2014 Promoting Dr. Abdel Deifalla
07/01/2014 60 Students from GCC attend Family Medicine Workshop Tests
07/01/2014 AGU Aims to Develop Volunteered Patients Protections Procedures
05/01/2014 A Scholar from AGU Wins the Prize of Prince Nayef for Security Research
05/01/2014 AGU Organizing Advanced Workshop about The Ethics of Clinical Research
31/12/2013 New Appointments at College of Medicine
31/12/2013 College of Graduate Studies Celebrates Dr Sabah Al-Jenaid Promotion
30/12/2013 ITIL Workshop at AGU
25/12/2013 Disabled Employment Forum : New Recommendations
25/12/2013 AGU Students Participates in Doha International Sports Forum
22/12/2013 Professor Dahmani Participates in the Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Forum for the Middle East
22/12/2013 A Students Delegation Visits Al Jawhara Center
18/12/2013 University of Bahrain Honored Fatima Al-Hajari
18/12/2013 Thalassemia, Diabetes and Heart Disease Prevalent Among Young People
18/12/2013 Expectation of High Demand for Fuel in 2030
15/12/2013 In Association with SBI AGU Lunched New Research Testing 5-ALA Amino acid compound IN Agriculture Uses
12/12/2013 9th GCC Medical Education Conference Concluding
11/12/2013 Al-Ohaly: Well Resources Management Issues is One of Decision Makers Priorities in GCC
11/12/2013 AGU Issued “Integrated management of water resources” Guide
10/12/2013 AGU Participates in Integrating the Blind Students in Education System Conference
10/12/2013 AGU Signed Agreement of Cooperation with Ministry of Health
08/12/2013 AGU Participates in the Preparation of the 3rd Arabic Knowledge Report
02/12/2013 RCSI President Visits AGU
28/11/2013 Arabian Gulf University Establishes a Quality Center for Excellence
28/11/2013 Electricity & Water Authority Honored AGU for Reducing Energy Consumption
26/11/2013 A New Medical Device Detects Tumors in the University Medical Centre
24/11/2013 AGU Hostes GCC 32th Deans of Medicine Colleges Meeting
24/11/2013 The 9th GCC Medical Education Conference Lunched at AGU
21/11/2013 AGU Participates in Organizing the 1st Energy Conference and Exhibition in December
21/11/2013 Press Release- 9th GCC Medical Education Conference
19/11/2013 AGUs Academics and Students Delegation Participates in the Environment and Development Arab Forum
17/11/2013 AGU Hosts the 32nd meeting of the Medical Colleges Deans in GCC
17/11/2013 Press Release- 9th GCC Medical Education Conference
12/11/2013 AGU Professor reviewed the applications of space science in Africa
10/11/2013 AGU Students Participates in Bahrain Cancer Society Marathon
06/11/2013 University Medical Center at King Abdullah Medical City Lunched "Doctor on the Phone" Program with Mona Shihabi
06/11/2013 A Delegation from K?chi University Visits AGU
05/11/2013 Election of 18 members of the AGU Student Council
03/11/2013 Japanese Scientific Delegation Visits AGU
03/11/2013 AGU Discussed the Climate Change 5th International Governmental Commission Report
03/11/2013 AGU to discuss issues of emergency medical services
28/10/2013 Prof. Randah R. Hamadeh participated in the First International Conference on Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking
24/10/2013 Scientific Lectures Series at AGU
24/10/2013 AGU Celebrates the International Day of Osteoporosis
22/10/2013 AGU Celebrates Adha Eid
10/10/2013 A New Reference Guide for Gifted Students
10/10/2013 In Collaboration with AGU Royal Police Academy Organized Positive Thinking Stimulation workshop
09/10/2013 Dr Sabah Al-Jenaid Associate Professor
07/10/2013 Dr Mohammad Abido Director of Desert Farming and Environment Management Programs
07/10/2013 AGU Academics main Speakers in the Arabic Forum for Environment and Development
06/10/2013 Dr Tabbara Participates in the Medical Institutions Infrastructure Conference
02/10/2013 12th Annual Meeting for Deans of Admission and Registration at GCC universities
01/10/2013 Al Khazali Director of Distance Learning Program
01/10/2013 Academic from AGU Remove Bladder Tumor IN Japan
30/09/2013 Delegation From Al-Hikma Association Visits University Medical Centre
30/09/2013 AGU President : Enrich the GCC library Part of Our Mission
29/09/2013 AGJSR Published the 2nd &3rd Issues of vol. 31, June & Sept. 2013
29/09/2013 A New Batch of Students in FABS
25/09/2013 Professor Faisal Al-Nasir Lunches his New Book
25/09/2013 Self-motivation Workshop at AGU
24/09/2013 AGU President Opens the 16th Academic Book Fair
23/09/2013 Dr Al-Sayed Participates in the 6th International Conference of Parathyroid in USA
23/09/2013 80 Students from GCC Participates in ECG workshop at AGU
19/09/2013 Dr Mohammad Jamalallail Director of Gifted Education Program
19/09/2013 AGU Organize its16th Academic Book Fair
18/09/2013 University Medical Centre Participates in Youth City 2030
18/09/2013 Articles in Family Health and Community Culture
18/09/2013 AGU Accepts 292 Students
16/09/2013 Dr Abuelaish : Women in the World Suffering Wars and Stereotype Life
16/09/2013 Dr Tazi Director of Learning Disabilities Program
15/09/2013 A New Vice Dean for Graduate College
15/09/2013 Articles in Family Health and Community Culture
12/09/2013 King Abdullah Medical City in Bahrain Successfully Treated Hearing Problem for a Child
12/09/2013 AGU Gets the Renewal of Accreditation from the Medical Board of California
11/09/2013 Minister of Education Praises Medical BA Accreditation from Medical Board of California
11/09/2013 AGU Strengthen its Cooperation with International Universities
09/09/2013 AGU Starts the New Academic Year
04/09/2013 Vitamin D Deficiency in Bahrain
04/09/2013 The Start of the Second Phase of Admission Tests
19/08/2013 House Speaker receives AGUs President
19/08/2013 Minister of Education Praises Medical BA Accreditation from Medical Board of California
03/07/2013 Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research (AGJSR) Published & distributed its Last Issue
02/07/2013 Professor Faisal Al-Nasir Participates in Family Doctors Conference
30/06/2013 Charge d'Affaires at The Saudi Arabia Embassy visits AGU
27/06/2013 A scientific Canadian organization Considered the Importance of Dr El Moslimany Research
27/06/2013 AGU Honoring Retired Staff
24/06/2013 AGU Wins Leadership shield from American Institute of Business Management
23/06/2013 AGU Celebrates it’s 9th Graduation Ceremony
18/06/2013 AGU crystallized the Terms of Agreement with the University of Tokyo and Medical Science Institute
16/06/2013 Dr Al-Ohaly Meets the Omani Ambassador
13/06/2013 Dr. Cristina Skrypnyk an invited speaker to the 1st Gulf Medical Administration Forum
12/06/2013 AGU Graduates 101 MD
09/06/2013 The Bahraini Woman Role in Kingdom Development Obvious
06/06/2013 Personalized Genomic medicine: Reducing the cost and improving the effectiveness of health care
04/06/2013 King Abdullah Medical City Supports Weight Loss Contest
04/06/2013 AGU Participates in Geographic Information System Conference
03/06/2013 13th Annual AGU English Speaking Contest
02/06/2013 AGU Hosts a Japanese Professor
02/06/2013 AGU will Offer a New Medical Treatment Features for its Staff
28/05/2013 Joint cooperation between AGU and National Foundation for Disabled
27/05/2013 A New Study at AGU Examine the Stopping Epileptic Seizures
26/05/2013 Dr Al-Khamisi Review Enrichment Devices Models with Verbal Autistic in Vienna
23/05/2013 AGU Students Participates in Gulf Youth Forum
23/05/2013 Professor Abdel Galeel Participates in AFED Meeting in Oxford
22/05/2013 AGU Offers New Investments Opportunity in King Abdullah Medical City
21/05/2013 Prof. Randah Hamadeh: AGU Published 50% of Medical Researches in the Kingdom of Bahrain
20/05/2013 Advanced Training Program in the Science of Genes at AJC
19/05/2013 Seminar at AGU about "miracle tree" Moringa
19/05/2013 The world Celebrates the International Day for the Family Doctor
16/05/2013 Professor Al-Naser Participates in GCC Elderly Social Life Seminar
15/05/2013 AGU Paper Won the Best of a Research Paper at Zain E-Learning Conference
15/05/2013 The University Clinical Centre at King Abdullah Medical City Hosts Al-Tawoon School Students
14/05/2013 Dr Saleh: The Effects of Pesticides Remain on Vegetables
14/05/2013 International Accreditation Panel Concluded their Visit to AGU
09/05/2013 AGU Participated in the 4th Zain E-Learning Conference
08/05/2013 Sheik Zaid Environment 6th Seminar at AGU
07/05/2013 AGU Honors its Workers in the Labor Day
06/05/2013 Academic Participation in Options to survival and the Environmental Footprint Workshop
06/05/2013 International Experts Evaluate AGU Performance for Academic Accreditation
05/05/2013 The 6th Zaid Environment Seminar at AGU Next Wednesday
05/05/2013 AGU and Bahrain Military Hospital Signed Cooperation Agreement
05/05/2013 Ministries of Health and Commerce Coordinate with AGU
29/04/2013 AGU Launched the Clinical Research Center
28/04/2013 In Collaboration with University of Georgia AGU Organized Torrance Tests Workshop
25/04/2013 An Intensive Training Program on Heart Sonar at AGU
24/04/2013 AGU Tomorrow will Launch the Clinical Research Center
23/04/2013 New Issue of AGU Scientific Research Magazine
23/04/2013 The 1st Accidents and Emergency Conference Concluded at AGU
23/04/2013 French – Arabic Business Institute Director Presents Vision on the GCC Economy
23/04/2013 Workshop at AGU for Supreme Council for Women
21/04/2013 AGU President Participates in the 9th Meeting of GCC Universities Presidents Committee
21/04/2013 AGU Participates in Bahrain Expo Health and Wellness 2013
21/04/2013 University Medical Centre Hosted Schools Students
18/04/2013 Expats Health Workshop at the College of Medicine
16/04/2013 Accidents and Emergency Cases the Topic of the 1st Medical Conference at AGU
15/04/2013 AGU Students Organized their 1st Carnival
14/04/2013 AGU Discussed Ways of Cooperation with University of Versailles
11/04/2013 Dr Al-Ohaly: GCC 3rd Meeting for Clinical Nutrition is a Symbol of Alliance Towards GCC Community Health Development
09/04/2013 AGU President Visits Tokyo University
09/04/2013 AGU Lunched the 3rd GCC meeting for Clinical Nutrition
07/04/2013 1st Photography Exhibition for Students at AGU
03/04/2013 Research at AGU among the most 10 Researches Reading Worldwide
02/04/2013 AGU Preparing to Receive Accreditation External auditors
02/04/2013 Japanese Ambassador Visits AGU and AJC
31/03/2013 The Graduation of 4th Diploma Group of UN Program for Integrated Water Resources Management
31/03/2013 Al-Shihabi and Al-Ohaly Signed Cooperation Agreement between AJC and Ministry of Health
31/03/2013 Students Photography Show at AGU
28/03/2013 Creative Ways to Solve Problems Workshop Concluded at AGU
27/03/2013 GCC 4th Consolidated week for Oral Health and Dental Started at AJC
26/03/2013 International Partnership with SBI
24/03/2013 Dr Zibari Participates at cooperation for sustainability of water resources Symposium
24/03/2013 The French –Arabian Business School announces admission to MBA for September 2013 intake has opened.
21/03/2013 Noor Albahrain Club Members Visits University Medical Centre
18/03/2013 AGU's Dean of Students Affairs participate at 25th Meeting of GCC Universities Deans of Students
18/03/2013 Dr Al-Jassem Presents Creative Production Workshop
18/03/2013 FABS Open Admission for MBA
18/03/2013 Dr Al-Meslamani Director of Biotechnology Program
14/03/2013 Dr Al-Ohaly Praises Kuwait Role in Supporting AGU
12/03/2013 US Department of State Honored Dr Jeniad
11/03/2013 A New Medical Study at AGU: Thalassemia Patient’s Heart Muscle Thicker than Normal Patients
11/03/2013 Future Debates to Solve Creativity Problems Workshop Concluded at AGU
10/03/2013 Bahraini Association for Woman’s Development Members Visits AGU
07/03/2013 AGU Participates in Bahrain Gardens Exhibition
07/03/2013 Dr Al-Shirawi Promoted to Associate Professor
06/03/2013 Basics of Photography Workshop at AGU
05/03/2013 King Hamad Hospital Commander Visits University Medical Centre at King Abdullah Medical City
04/03/2013 AGU Discussed with UNEDO Strategic Priorities for Gulf Region
04/03/2013 Dr Al-Ohaly Announced the Launch of the Diabetes Clinical and Scientific Research Program
03/03/2013 Dr Al-Nobi Promoted to Associate Professor
28/02/2013 KFH-Bahrain supports the First International Diabetes Symposium
27/02/2013 AGU is Partner in the international Campaign of Rare Diseases
26/02/2013 Horses Meat Crisis : AGU Own the Capabilities to Make the Necessary DNA Tests
26/02/2013 Dr Zibari Participate in the 3rd Arab Council for Water at Cairo
25/02/2013 Dr AL-Ajab Promoted to Associate Professor
25/02/2013 AL-Manar Visits University Medical Centre at AGU
20/02/2013 Arab World spend 30 million dollar yearly to the treatment
19/02/2013 Dr Solyman Discuss Handicapped Children’s Rights in Bahrain
19/02/2013 AGU to hold 1st International Diabetes Symposium on March
13/02/2013 AGU Organize the 18th Exhibition for Medicine Students Research
13/02/2013 AGU’ Staff Guests of Ministry of Education Camp
11/02/2013 Dr Dahmani New Dean of Graduate College at AGU
04/02/2013 AJC Celebrates 10th Anniversary with the Attendance of Nobel Prize President
03/02/2013 AGU Students Wins Sheik Naser Prize for Creativity
30/01/2013 AGU Organize the 18th Exhibition for Medicine Students Research
28/01/2013 ESSEC Students Visits AGU
27/01/2013 University Medical Centre of King Abdullah Medical City Organize First Diabetes Forum in March
23/01/2013 AGU Graduates Present their experience as Medical Consultants in USA
21/01/2013 Nuclear Energy Represents another Alternative for GCC Countries
20/01/2013 AGU Participates in EU-GCC Clean Energy Conference
20/01/2013 French Day at AGU
16/01/2013 Dr Al-Ohaly: AGU Celebrates Bahraini Woman Achievements which Indicates Our Concern about GCC Woman Pioneer Role
16/01/2013 Bahraini Deputy Minister of Health Visits Aljowhara Centre
15/01/2013 AGU Students Visits the Department of Oncology in Salmanya
14/01/2013 AGU and SBI Signed Understanding Memorandum
14/01/2013 Saudi Minister of Health Visits University Medical Centre at King Abdullah Medical City
10/01/2013 AGU Centre for Training Held Behavior Modification Workshop
08/01/2013 Dr Alsyed Participates in the 1st American Diabetes Society Conference in Dubai
31/12/2012 Family Doctors at Arab World not enough
30/12/2012 Students from Ministry of Education Visits P.Aljohara Centre
30/12/2012 Students from Ministry of Education Visits P.Aljohara Centre
30/12/2012 Students from Ministry of Education Visits P.Aljohara Centre
30/12/2012 College of Medicine Finalized Training Workshop for Staff
30/12/2012 AGU Concludes Torrance Test Management Workshop
26/12/2012 College of Medicine Finalized Training Workshop for Staff
26/12/2012 AGU Values Efforts for lunching Arabic Unified index
25/12/2012 Nomination for Khalifa Educational Prize will be closed at 17th of January
25/12/2012 Alryan 13th Events opened in AGU
23/12/2012 AGU Board of Trustees Tributes H.H. Prince of Kuwait
23/12/2012 Dr Kildoon Al-Romi Dean of Medicine College at AGU
23/12/2012 AGU Celebrates Kingdom of Bahrain 41st National Day
20/12/2012 In the Event of National Day AGU Students Visits Bahrain Castel and Museum
19/12/2012 Study at AGU Developed a new Assess System for Information Security Awareness at Kuwait University
13/12/2012 AGU Signs Agreement With National Initiative for Agricultural Development
13/12/2012 E-Training Workshop will emanate from AGU
12/12/2012 Dr Al-Ohaly: AGU Strategy Aims to Confront Development Challenges
11/12/2012 Dr Sabah Jeniad Talks about Bahraini Cities and Climate Change Challenges
11/12/2012 Dr Al-Ohaly : AGU is Honored to Support Development in UAE
10/12/2012 AGU Hosts GCC-European Clean Energy Network
09/12/2012 AGU Studies the Possibilities to Open PHD Degree on Mental Disabilities and Autism Studies
03/12/2012 Estimates Indicate that GCC have high Rates of Diabetes
02/12/2012 Dr Abdul-Jaleel Participate in Arab Forum for Environment and Development
22/11/2012 AGU Proud to Provide Omani Health Sector with 130 Doctors
21/11/2012 Self-development Workshop at AGU for Academic Staff
19/11/2012 AGU Contribute to the Development of Family Medicine
14/11/2012 AGU Participates in Technology and Future Energy Conference
13/11/2012 AGU Participate in the Food Security Conference
11/11/2012 Dr Faisal Al-Naser Heads the Arab Council for Family and Community Medicine
11/11/2012 It is not too late @agu
08/11/2012 Dr Al-Dhamani Vice Dean for Technical Studies
05/11/2012 AGU Students Participates in Universities Debates
04/11/2012 GCC Ministers of Education: AGU a Clear Example of GCC Leaders Education Support
23/10/2012 Dr Yamani : Nomination are Open for Khalifa Educational Award
23/10/2012 AGU Centre for training concludes E-Survey Workshop
21/10/2012 AGU Presents Globe Program ( Climate Change)
21/10/2012 Students Affair Deanship: 12 Students Reached Student’s Council
16/10/2012 AGU Honored 97 Distinguished Students
15/10/2012 AGU Discussed Climate Change and Infectious Diseases
11/10/2012 AGU Hosts GCC Joint Action for Higher Education
10/10/2012 Dr Al-Ohaly : Update on the Development of Higher Education will Give the Chance to Benefit from the Distinctive Experie
09/10/2012 A Workshop at The French-Arabian Business School FABS
08/10/2012 AGU Celebrates Saudi National Day
07/10/2012 The fourth Group of Water Resources Management Students did Diploma Mid Term Exams
07/10/2012 Dr Hamdi Abdulaziz Developed two Models for Teaching and evaluating learning in Electronic Environment
03/10/2012 AGU and Saudi Development Fund signed a Memorandum of Understanding to Finance King Abdullah Medical City
30/09/2012 Gulf Inventors 2012 at AGU
27/09/2012 Darweesh Obtained a certificate of efficiency in Torrance Test Management
27/09/2012 Workshop at AGU In Latest techniques to stop bleeding during surgery
25/09/2012 Dr Al-Ohaly: We Support cooperation with National Authority for Oil and Gas
24/09/2012 AGU President Opens the 15th Book Fair
19/09/2012 Dr Al-Ohaly discussed with Bahrain EWA Executive Director King Abdulla Medical City Requirements
09/09/2012 Dr Al-Jeneaid Calls for Sustainable Development Strategies Activation
04/09/2012 AGU to hold e-training seminar
04/09/2012 Dr Kheldon Al Romi Acting Dean for College of Medicine
17/07/2012 New cutting-dege MBA program at the French-Arabian Business School of AGU in september 2012
28/06/2012 Electricity and Water Authority’s CEO discusses rationalization programmes with the Head of AGU
26/06/2012 Dr Abduljaleel : Volume of Investments in Energy is 1.7 Trillion a Year
26/06/2012 MA for Al-Hajari and Al-Heela
18/06/2012 The 12th Annual AGU Speaking Contest
17/06/2012 Dr Jaradat Promoted to Associate Professor
13/06/2012 The conclusion of a workshop “ statistical analysis using Excel” at AGU
12/06/2012 AGU Participates at the International Conference and Exhibition for International surveyors
12/06/2012 GCC Assistant Secretary General for Human and Environment Affairs Meets Dr Al-Ohaly
10/06/2012 AGU Witnessed the Launch of GEO-5 Report
05/06/2012 A New workshops from AGU’ Centre for Training
04/06/2012 AGU Provides Saudi Medical Sector with 60 New Doctors
04/06/2012 The United Nations Environment Programme In collaboration with The AGU Launches the Global Environment Outlook, GEO-05
30/05/2012 Dr Zibari Participates in the America and Islamic World Forum in Doha
30/05/2012 AGU Board of Trustees Pays Tribute to King Hamad Chair for E-Learning
24/05/2012 Under the patronage of H.E. Dr Majed Al-Noaimi AGU Celebrated the 8th Graduation Ceremony
15/05/2012 Under the Patronage of H.E. Minister of Education AGU Celebrates the 8th Graduation Ceremony
13/05/2012 FABS: MBA in Public-Private Partnership Program Starts September
13/05/2012 HM the King Appoints Two Shura Members
09/05/2012 AGU Centre for Training and Consultations Represents a Regional Centre for Training in GCC
09/05/2012 Dr Zuheir Hassan Participated in the Conference of the American Societies for Experimental Biology (FAESB)
07/05/2012 Dr Zibari Provided a Training Course in Shura Council
06/05/2012 AGU Students Celebrates the Earth’s Day
02/05/2012 Dr Al-Ohaly Meet with the delegation of Saudi Ministry of Agriculture
02/05/2012 The Workshop Creativity in Problems Solving at AGU Concluded
29/04/2012 Hospital Teddy Bear Program for Al-Khraat kindergarten
29/04/2012 Professor Abduljaleel Participate in “Arab Forum for Environment and Development”
25/04/2012 Gulf 10th Water Conference discussed the Mutual Relations between Food and Energy in GCC
25/04/2012 Members of Bahrain Gardens Club visited H.M. Saltan Qaboos Centre for Advanced Farming techniques
25/04/2012 AGU’s Students Visited Saudi –Bahraini Institute for Blind
24/04/2012 Members of Bahrain Gardens Club visited H.M. Saltan Qaboos Centre for Advanced Farming techniques
24/04/2012 AGU and BIPD Signed a memorandum of Understanding for E-Training
24/04/2012 Professor Al-Nasser: High success rate in Arabic Board for Family and Community Medicine
19/04/2012 Dr Al-Ohaly highly values H.M. King Hamad Support for AGU
15/04/2012 AGU Students Visits Alhidd Power Plant
11/04/2012 Conclusion of e-questionnaires analysis workshop at AGU
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