The Relationship between Self-injury Behavior, Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills of Children With Autistic Disorder in Kuwait

Student Name:Dalal S. H. Al-shayji

Abstract: The purpose of the study aimed on examining the relationship between self- injury behavior, the verbal and non-verbal communication skills of the autistic children in Kuwait. The study sample consists of (40) children between (8-11) years old with autistic disorder who have been enrolled in the private educational schools. Descriptive method (correlational and comparative) has been applied in the current study. Also self-injury behavior diagnosis criterion, verbal and non-verbal communication skills criterion have been applied on the normal and non-normal children. The results indicated that there is a correlational relationship between self-injury behavior, verbal and non-verbal communication skills.Statistical differences have been found between mild-injury, based upon the difference of injury degree in the total degree of non-verbal communication criteria, in the mildinjury. Also statistically difference between average degrees in the two dimensions (body movement and head gestures) has been found in mild-injury. For the two dimensions (limbs movements and facial expressions), results have shown that differences between degrees are not statistically significant. On the other hand, the results pointed out that the difference occurred between the degrees of children with self-injury gnificant

Publishing Year: 2015

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