Symptoms of Autism Disorder in Pre-school Children in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Student Name:Amani Abdulrashid A. Noor

Abstract: The study aimed at screening symptoms of autism disorder among kindergarten children in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The study sample consisted of (444) Kindergarten child between the ages (3-6) years. Has been used the descriptive survey and case study approach. The study used Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddler (M-CHAT), which contains 23 items, 9 of them are observable items in addition to 14 interactive item to evaluate imaginative play, repetitive behaviours, Gaze behaviour, and Imitation. And Autism diagnostic interview-revised (ADI-R). which consists of 93 items, And contains background, the early development, loss of language and other skills, Functionality of the language and communication, play, social progress, activities, favourite games, behaviour and interests . The study resulted in the high success of the children on (MCHAT), after follow up interview of (M-CHAT) for children who failed the first time. As well as the onset of symptoms of Autistic spectrum disorder in younger males more than females. The result of (ADI-R) the onset of symptoms of autistic spectrum disorder during the first three years of the child's age. And that these symptoms deferent in children, even though they are in the deficiencies in social interaction, communication and stereotypical behaviours and common interests. There is a similarity between the symptoms of autistic spectrum disorder with symptoms of development delay disorder.

Publishing Year: 2015

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