Differences in Level of Central Coherence among Children with Autism According to Age and Functionality

Student Name:Aisha Naser Rashed AlNoaimi

Abstract: The current study aimed at exploring manifestations of the central coherence in children with autism. The total sample of the study was (50) children with autism ages ranged from (6) to (12) years old. These children were enrolled in Alwafa Center of Bahrain Association for Intellectual Disability and Autism, and Alia Center for early intervention in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The study used descriptive method (correlative and differential form). It consisted of Blocks Design subtest of Wechsler Intelligence test, Embedded Figures Test. The results of the study revealed that there was a weakness in the central coherence among children with autism according to the level of Functionality. While there are no statistical significant differences in the performance of children with autism in the age group of (8-6) and age group of (12-9) on the Blocks Design subtest. In addition, the Blocks Design subtest suggested that there were significant differences at (0.05) for children with autism age group from (12-9).

Publishing Year: 2016

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