Family Stress and Coping Styles in Parents of Children with Autism in the State of Kuwait

Student Name:Fatemah A. E. Al-Shammari

Abstract: This study aimed at investigating stress faced by parents of autistic children and methods to confront this stress in the state of Kuwait. The sample used in this study consisted of (23) fathers and (30) mothers of autistic children . Children ranged in age between (6-12) years and were divided into two age groups:(6-9)nears (17in total) and (9-12)years (36 in total). They were selected according to the criteria for the selection of the study sample. A scale to measure family pressure towards autistic children was used along with a scale to measure methods facing stress. The study concluded that the pressure faced by the autistic children's parents regarding the characteristics of an autistic child came first. This was followed by psychological pressure, domestic pressure, social pressure and finally financial pressure. The confrontational methods used by parents of autistic children were found to first focus on the problem and seek social support. This was followed by thinking about needs desires and avoidance, and finally self-blame. The results of the study also found that there were no statically significant differences in the pressures faced by families of children with autism related to the age and sex of the autistic children. The methods used to confront the problems were also equal and not dependent on age or sex. The Results of the study also found that the unpredictable ways the face of pressure from family pressures through dimensions.

Publishing Year: 2015

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