Differences in Job Satisfaction Dimensions among Teachers of Students with Mild Intellectual Disability According to some Variables in Kuwait

Student Name:Mohammed A. A. Almajed

Abstract: This study aimed at identifying the differences in the dimensions of job satisfaction for the teachers of the mild intellectually-disabled students according to the variables of age, gender, years of experience, and the educational stage. The participants were 198 teachers from both sexes (110 females, 88 males) intentionally selected from Al-Tarbiyah Al-Fikriyah Schools of the Ministry of Education in the State of Kuwait. The Job Satisfaction Scale of the researcher was used with the female and male teachers. Results indicated that there was a higher increase in the female teachers' job satisfaction than the male teachers, in the less experienced teachers than the more experienced teachers, and for the teachers at the qualification stage than the academic stage. Moreover, there were no statistically significant differences attributed to the teacher's age.

Publishing Year: 2015

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