• Q1: What are the opening hours of the libraries?

    Library opening hours and details of any changes, are available here

  • Q2: What are the telephone numbers for contacting the Library?

    The Library Desk can be contacted on (00973) 17239754.
    Contact information for specific Library Departments, including fax number and e-mail addresses, is given here

  • Q3: How do I join the Library?

    Staff and students at AGU are registered automatically. The staff/student ID card also acts as a Library borrower card.

  • Q4: How do I find material in the Library?

    Use the Online Library catalogue. It is accessible from both on and off-campus, and contains most material likely to be on student reading lists (if held by the Library).
    Periodicals Search can be found at Library Databases which include medical & educational E-Journals and Theses.
  • Q5: What should I do if I can't find a book?

    The online catalogue, will tell you if the item has been borrowed. If it's not on loan and not where it should be on the shelves. If you still can't find it, ask at the Circulation Desk.
  • Q6: What is a periodical?

    A magazine, journal, newspaper, or annual publication which is published at regular intervals.
    The Library subscribes to a large number of periodicals, mainly in print form but also as e-journals. However, if you're trying to find articles on a topic, try searching one of the many Databases bought by the Library and available as a full-text.
  • Q7: How many items can I borrow?

    Faculty - 10; Postgraduates – 8; Staff and medical students – 5.
  • Q8: How long can I borrow for?

    Faculty – 1 semester; Postgraduates – 1 month; Staff and medical students – 2 weeks.
  • Q9: How do I renew an item?

    All can make the first renewal via phone (00973) 17239754 or email mailto:circ@agu.edu.bh but the second renewal must be by visiting the circulation desk.

  • Q10: Where do I ask if I have a question?

    The Service Desk acts as the first point of contact for enquiries. Staff there will refer enquiries on to specialist staff or Library departments.

  • Q11: Do I need a password to use electronic resources?

    The Library's e-resources can be accessed by getting your user name and password from the Research and Reference Department and you can access it on/off campus.
  • Q12: Are there any computers I can use in the Library?

    There are 7 PCs on Level 1 of the Main hall Library which University staff and students are welcome to use for searching library catalogue, online databases and the Internet, using e-mail, word-processing, spreadsheets, etc. They are not bookable, but waiting times, if any, are generally short.
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