Research and Reference Services

Reference Librarians help people

  • Find information on a topic
  • Develop research strategies for papers and projects
  • Search library catalogs, article databases, and the internet
  • Locate facts and statistics

We also

  • Answer questions about the services and resources of the library
  • Provide instruction on the research process and the use of the library
  • Refer people to information sources beyond the library

Procedures for Requesting Reference Services

Ask at the circulation desk in the AGU Library for the Reference Librarian on duty. You can send an e-mail to the Reference Librarians on the following address:

Name Ms. Athra Al Alawi
Position Medical Reference librarian
E-mail athrasmaa@agu.edu.bh
Working Time 8.00 AM to 3.15 PM

Hours of Service

A Reference Librarian is usually available on Sundays through Thursdays, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

Types of Service

Quick Reference:Although most medical information should be researched by the requester, the Reference Services staff can assist you in locating factual information, such as a journal article to be send by email or searching for a topic in Medline , Eric, ISI , Ovid , publishers, medical abbreviations, definitions, etc. Questions may be posed in person or by mail, telephone, or electronic mail. Normally, these questions should be answered within minutes of your inquiry.

Research Assistance: For more in-depth questions, Reference staff can help you determine the best index and reference sources for your topic and show you how to use them. A wide variety of indexes, abstracting services, statistical sources, etc. are available.

Locating Materials : The Reference staff can tell you if we own specific books, journals, and audiovisuals and can help you find them in the Library.

Verification : Many books and journal articles cannot be located due to incorrect or incomplete citations. This includes many of the references cited at the end of professional journal articles! Reference staff will assist you in identifying the correct citation when you are trying to find a specific article.

Reference Checking : The Reference staff will check references attached to manuscripts being submitted for publication for accuracy and for conformation to the format required by the journal. Turn-around time will vary with workload and length of reference list.

Online Services

Online Searching: Users may search the Library books, journal, and Master thesis via Horizon OPAC in the library website, the AGU library website includes several electronic resources, many offering full-text of journals. Links to PubMed (MEDLINE) , ERIC web site and other resources are available via the Internet from all public-access computers in the Library and through the university local area network.

Librarian Searching: The library staff answers more complex reference questions that include searches of the printed and online indexes and investigations into the book and journal literature.

Interlibrary Loan : Periodical articles, books and thesis not found in the library collection may be obtained through interlibrary loan (ILL) or document delivery. This service is currently restricted to students and faculty. Requestors should first check to make sure that the materials are not available in the AGU Library Catalog or in the AGU Library database collection. Requests for materials should be made to the Research & Reference Department. Please be sure to include full bibliographic details when submitting requests.

Due to the cost of providing this service, faculty are asked to exercise restraint when submitting requests. The library will endeavor to fulfill all reasonable requests but may on occasion need to restrict the number of orders submitted, the maximum requests for faculty is 50 per year, and for the students 20 requests per year. For any extra request, charge will be paid depend on the article price.

Whenever possible, please ask to speak directly to a reference librarian to ensure that the searcher understands all aspects of your request. Response time is generally two hours, but may be longer depending on the complexity of the problem. Searches may be picked up at the Library, mailed, emailed, or faxed to the requester (if the output is not too long). There may be a charge associated with your on-line search--please check with the reference librarian.


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