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Program Fees

The Cost of the IWRM Capacity Development Program is estimated at about 7,850 US$ per participant for a duration of one year. These include the followings:

    1. Administration and Instruction fees = 5,300 US$ (2,000 Bahraini Dinars)
    2. Three visits by the student to the Arabian Gulf University Campus in Bahrain, one at the beginning of the program (Course 1: 2 weeks),  the second is in the middle of the program (After Course 5: 1 week), the third at the end of the program (Course  10; 1 week), with the estimated costs details as follows:
      1. Three airfare return tickets to Bahrain (estimated at 500$ each)*   = 1,500 US$
      2. Accommodation at university campus for 4 weeks (subsidized)    = 300 US$
      3. Daily allowance (estimated at 25 US$/day for one month)**         = 750 US$
      4. Transportation between housing and university = free (using AGU shuttle service)
      5. Entry visa for Bahrain (needed for non-GCC countries citizens) = free
      6. Daily lunches and snacks = free

* Estimated, might vary between countries of origin;
** Estimated for the purpose of cost estimation by sponsoring organizations for students from lower income countries; not applicable for students sponsored by their own employers/government as they have their own DSA regulations.

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