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Medical Skills & Simulation Center

​‘Simulation’ is a generic term that refers to an artificial representation of a real-world process to achieve educational goals through experiential learning, whilst remaining contextually appropriate and realistic. Medical simulation is a branch of simulation technology related to education and training in medical fields. It can involve simulated human patients or mannequins  in a variety of simulated environment.​

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Part-Task  Trainers are provided for medical training of clinical examination  and diagnostic procedures  including both invasive and non-invasive clinical procedures. These may  consist of procedure which may  cause  embarrassment including examinations per rectum and the breast.  A  few examples of training in clinical procedures would be suturing and skin ligation,  inserting a  naso-gastric tube down into the stomach, advancing a catheter into the urinary bladder, advancing a catheterization into a peripheral or central vein, performing a lumbar puncture and fluid aspiration in chest.​

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​Our mandate is to:

Dovetail with existing teaching and learning methods in CMMS, affording repeated rehearsal of complex or infrequently available clinical learning opportunities.

Run medical courses of educational value in order to improve health care and promote good medical practice that shall enhance clinical competence,  knowledge and the ability at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Continually emphasize and improve patient safety and reduce healthcare costs through enhancing  clinical competencies  of medical providers.

Offer numerous potential strategies for comprehensive  and practical clinical training for a safer patient medical care.​

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​​​ In the medical skills and simulation center, we develop and conduct different simulation based courses and symposia for Interns, registrars and specialists in different specialties

Courses that are conducted in MSSC on Bi-Annual basis:

  • Electrocardiogram course
  • Clinical simulation course for Interns
  • Clinical emergencies Course.​

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