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Continuous Education Centre

Arabian Gulf University Center for Community Services, Consultancies, Training and Continuous Education​ ​

​​The Community Service, Consultation, Training and Continuous​ Learning Centre (“CSCTCLC”) Department is mainly responsible for developing and conducting various training programs for external third parties. The CSCTCLC department is a vital component upon which the University depends for continued prosperity and success.​

Core activities

The CSCTCLC Department is responsible for developing and implementing training courses for external third parties, with support from the University’s training resources; and aiming to provide them with the training that will enhance their knowledge and skills. The following is an overview of the core activities that the CSCTCLC Department oversees:

  • ​Serving the external communities by providing them with solutions to their problems, through well conducted research;
  • Managing the training programs developed by the University, and ensuring that they are aligned with University objectives and regulations;
  • Acting as the principal point of contact for all AGU staff that are involved in any aspect of the training courses and programs;
  • Promoting the training programs provided by the University, to external communities, and ensuring that they are visible to interested external parties; and
  • Encouraging and motivating staff to conduct training and continuous education courses and programs, in addition to their routine courses.

​Roles and Responsibilities

All academic staff are encouraged to participate in CSCTCLC conducted workshops.  Those responsible for developing training courses/programs must ensure that the content material of the programs adhere to the University’s overall objectives, and rules and regulations. The process of proposing workshops are conducted on an annual basis; ideally 3 months prior to the start of the forthcoming academic year.