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​The College of Graduate Studies (CGS) was established in 1994 to integrate under the same academic and managerial roof. The College currently includes a wide range of scientific disciplines that are unique and unavailable in other universities of the Arab Gulf states. The CGS offers integrated courses for students specializing in various disciplines that are not commonly provided elsewhere. Administratively, the CGS is structured in a way that allows academic flexibility across disciplines and fosters innovative graduate education.

The College has programs in Educational and Technological Studies. The Educational Studies offer programs under three departments that include the Department of Gifted Education, the Department of Learning and Developmental Disabilities and the Department of Distance Learning. The Technological Studies Departments include the fields of Biotechnologies (Health, Agriculture and Environmental tracks), Natural Resources and Environment, Geo Informatics and Innovation and Technology Management. The CGS runs an active scientific research activity in these various fields with emphasis on the issues that are of interest to the GCC countries.

​Since the College pays great attention to the quality of the educational curricula, it uses the method of "case study" which is the approach that is utilized throughout the various programs offered in the college, as well as working on linking what the student specializes in with the culture, creed, environment, and community. In addition, the college provides training to its students in human and personal skill development such as digital literacy, English language and Islamic culture so as to incorporate all the acquired education into the foundations of this culture while portraying its various dimensions; including humanity, civilization and science.

The College is proud to have many of its graduates occupying positions in agencies and institutions of the Arabian Gulf countries, in which they demonstrate their ability to meet challenges. The CGS capitalizes on the excellence of its academic staff members and students and takes pride in the contribution it makes in the march towards a brighter and more prosperous future for the Arab nation.

To  further cultivate  innovation and creativity , an Innovation and Technology Management (ITM) Department was established and consists of highly qualified and experienced academic staff and a global network of adjunct professors from Europe (United Kingdom, Spain, Finland, France and Germany), the Middle East, Asia (Thailand and Singapore), and the USA. ITM offers the PhD in Innovation Management that seeks to build innovation management capacity and capability within the GCC. Strategic linkages with private sectors, public sectors, and civil society organizations are on the top of the list of the college priorities. Finally, the Innovation Lab has been established recently to stimulate the co-creation and ideation of solutions to public and private sectors.​