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Diploma in GIS & Remote Sensing

The first-year program leads students to a postgraduate diploma degree in two major areas of specialization in Geoinformatics, namely: GIS, remote sensing, or GIS and remote sensing. 

The postgraduate diploma requires 30 credits, including: 

  • 3 credits as a general core course. 
  • 14 credits as specialized core courses.
  • 9 credits as specialized core courses from his/her specialization (GIS and RS), and 
  • 4 credits for a diploma project​

First Year:  First Academic Semester ​ ​
A.    General Core Courses ​ ​
Course TitleCourse  No.Credit hours
English LanguageGSTS 5020
Computer ApplicationsGSTS 5010
Islamic CultureGS      5000
Scientific WritingGSTS 5101
Total General Core Courses Credits ​ 
B.    Specialized Core Courses ​ ​
Course TitleCourse No.Credit hours
Geoinformatics SciencesGEOGR 5303
Geostatistics AnalysisGEO GR 5212
Geographic Information SystemsGEOGR 5313
Remote Sensing GEOGR 5323
Database ConceptualizationGEOGR 5333
Total  Specialized Courses  Credits14
First Academic Semester  Total Credits ​ ​
General Core Courses ​1
Specialized Courses ​14
​Total 15​

First Year:  Second Academic Semester ​ ​

C. General Core Courses

Course TitleCourse No.Credit hours
Research Methods                     GSTS 5202
Total General Core Courses  Credits2


​1. ​Geographic Information Systems Specialization

D. Specialized courses

Course TitleCourse No.Credit hours
Advance GIS and Geospatial Analysis  GEOGR 5343
GIS Applications and Problem SolvingGEOGR 5353
GIS Modeling GEOGR 5363
Total Specialized GIS Science courses9

​2. ​Remote Sensing Specialization

E. Specialized courses

Course TitleCourse No.Credit hours
Remote Sensing Applications & Digital Image AnalysisGEOGR 537
Advanced  Remote SensingGEOGR 5383
Hyperspectral Remote SensingGEOGR 5393
Total Specialized Remote Sensing courses9

Second Academic Semester
Total Credit Hours of General Core Courses​ 2
Total Credit Hours of  Specialized Core  Courses

F. Diploma Project

GEOGR 542​4
​Total Credit Hours of  Second Academic Semester

Total Credit Hours of  First Academic Semester
Total Credit Hours of  Second Academic Semester15
Total Credit Hours of  Postgraduate Diploma30