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Diploma in Gifted Education

​First Year (First Semester)

Course Reference

Course Title

Credit Hours

GED GE 530

Introduction to Gifted Education


GED GE 531

Identification and Assessment in Gifted Education


GED GE 532

Curriculum and Teaching Methods for Gifted Students


GED GE 533



GS ES 520

Introduction to Educational Statistics


GS 500

Islamic Culture


GS ES 501

English Language


GED GE 540

Diploma Project


Total Credits for 1st Semester



First Year (Second Semester)

Course Reference

Course Title

Credit Hours

GED GE 529

Theories of Learning


GED GE 522

Counseling and Guidance for the Gifted


GED GE 523

Programs in Gifted Education


GED GE 524

Introduction to Psychology


GED GE 521



Total Credits for 2nd Semester


GED GE 540

Diploma Project*


Total Credit for Diploma degree


* Diploma in Gifted Education is a one-year program

Courses Description

Introduction to Gifted Education (GED GE 530)

This course introduces the education of gifted, talented, and creative students. It provides an overview of gifted education through the development of theories relevant to giftedness and creativity and their applications. The course also covers the behavioral characteristics of the gifted according to the curricula and programs to be used with them. Knowledge and concepts needed to understand the area of gifted education are introduced. Finally, the roles of society and parents in caring for and nurturing the gifted are viewed and discussed.


Identification and Assessment in Gifted Education (GED GE 531)

This course introduces students to tools and instruments to be used in identifying gifted and talented students. Learners will have a better understanding about the psychometric characteristics of these tools (validity and reliability). Learners are expected to apply their knowledge and skills in assessing various cognitive and affective characteristics of children in school. Moreover, throughout this course, students will develop instructional practices appropriate for today’s challenging classroom environment.


Curriculum and Teaching Methods for Gifted Students (GED GE 532)

This course introduces learners to developing and teaching special curriculum for the gifted and talented. Learners are familiarized with curriculum and teaching techniques appropriate for gifted children. Through readings and course assignments, learners are taught the different methods for enriching educational settings with programs  to improve thinking skills.


Creativity (GED GE 533)

The major purpose of this course is to study the theoretical and practical aspects of creativity. More specifically, this introductory course addresses a number of themes on creativity including the definition of creativity, theories of creativity, levels of creativity, developing and enhancing creative thinking, assessing creativity, the relationship between creativity and other related concepts, as well as the obstacles to creativity and creative thinking. This is NOT a traditional course since it tackles a topic that goes beyond traditional thinking; thus, practicing creativity is one of the course objectives.


Introduction to Educational Statistics (GS ES 520)

This course discusses some fundamental concepts related to descriptive statistics. More specifically, this course sheds light on different topics related to statistics in education and psychology, including (a) distinguishing between measurement scales, (b) differentiating between study sample and study population, (c) understanding the differences between measurement of central tendency and measurement of dispersion, (d) distinguishing between norm referenced vs criterion referenced tests, and finally, (e) the current course discusses concepts of validity and reliability in educational and psychological measurements.


Theories of Learning (GED GE 529)

The current course addresses the major theories and conceptions on giftedness, which will allow the students to have a better understanding of this complex and multidimensional phenomenon. Hitherto, there is no absolute agreement on what giftedness is and there are a large number of theories that try to explain this phenomenon. Thus, one of the course goals is to review the different conceptions on giftedness, which will help students to criticize, reflect, and think of a theory that takes into consideration the social context of the GCC countries


Counseling and Guidance for the Gifted (GED GE 522)

This course familiarizes students with cognitive, social and emotional problems encountered by gifted children and their families at different ages and education levels.  The content of the course includes philosophy, principles and definitions of guidance, the needs for guidance and counseling for the gifted in school, as well as guidance, counseling techniques and programs, and assessing guidance and counseling programs.


Programs in Gifted Education (GED GE 523)

The major purpose of this course is to examine the theoretical and practical aspects of instructional programs for gifted and talented students. The course has been designed to familiarize graduate students with the various theories, principles and models of both program and curriculum development for gifted and talented students.  In addition, this course provides learners with skills and strategies to plan suitable programs by developing, and implementing curriculum enrichment, acceleration, and extension activities appropriate for the differentiated gifted student.  This course trains learners to examine the thinking, learning, affective and creative skills that challenge the development of excellence in the curriculum and examine methods to evaluate gifted programs.


Practicum (GED GE 521)

This course provides students opportunities to implement what they have learned in their courses offered during the academic year in school.  They are expected to teach thinking skills to children both directly and indirectly. They have to teach one period of thinking skills and to embed thinking skills in the traditional curriculum by developing worksheets focusing on thinking skills not dealt with in the regular teaching setting. In addition, students produce and implement awareness programs to children, teachers and parents.


Introduction to Psychology (GED GE 524)

This course offers students an engaging introduction to the essential topics in psychology. Throughout this study of human behavior and the mind, the students will gain insight into the history of psychology, as well as explore current theories and issues in areas such as cognition, motivation, and wellness.


Diploma Project (GED GE 540)

This course runs over a period of two academic semesters. It provides students with opportunities to discuss issues and ideas concerning the area of gifted education with their instructors.  Students also learn research and statistics skills to assist them while working on their projects. In their projects, students are expected to implement the knowledge and skills learned in their courses throughout the program. Examples of projects are developing enrichment programs, implementing a guidance plan and/or project, and developing a scale for assessing certain characteristics or behaviors of gifted and/or creative children.