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Track 1: AI and Formal Methods for Cybersecurity


Pioneering next generation cybersecurity through a combination of artificial intelligence and formal methods.


To provide high-quality graduate education and research environment in artificial intelligence and formal methods applied to cybersecurity, train qualified experts, and produce innovative research to face future challenges in this critical field.

Program Objectives

The program’s main objective is to provide students with the following skills:

  • Advanced design and implementation of safe, intelligent, AI-driven systems.
  • Advanced usage of formal methods for the verification of safety and security critical systems.
  • Conduct innovative applied research in cybersecurity to meet the GCC countries’ needs and provide solutions to regional private and public institutions.

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the Master’s program, graduates can embrace expert careers as:

  • Analyst and developer of advanced computer science applications, particularly in cybersecurity, AI and formal verification of safety and security critical systems in a variety of private and public industrial and services fields.
  • Academic and research careers in GCC and other universities and research centers.

Common CoursesCredit Hours
Logic and Discrete Mathematics2
Foundations of Computer Science2
Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals2
Object Oriented Programming and Data Analysis2
Research Methodology1


Core CoursesCredit Hours
Cybersecurity Fundamentals2
Artificial Intelligence for Information Security2
Formal Methods for Information Security 2
Ethical Hacking and Systems Defense 1


Elective CoursesCredit Hours
Security Engineering1
Security of Wireless Networks1
Web Application Security1
Cyber Risk Management and Incident Response1
Secure Cloud Computing1
Security Aspects of Internet of Things1
Cyber Criminality and Forensics 1
Information Security Audit and Penetration Testing1
Blockchain Security1
Program Analysis for System Security and Reliability1
Big Data1
Advanced Deep Learning1
Special Topics Elective1


Research-Oriented ProjectsCredit Hours
Applied Research Project4