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Track3: Quantum Technologies


Paving the way for AGU to be an undisputed regional leader and global reference in graduate education and research in quantum technology and its main applications.


To providissione high-level scientific education and research environment in quantum technology and its main applications, and to prepare students to cope with the coming age of quantum technology. 

Program Objectives

The program’s main objective is to provide students with the following skills:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the specificities of quantum algorithms.
  • Master the design and the architectures of quantum computers.
  • Design, implement and maintain quantum information systems.
  • Conduct innovative applied research in the field of quantum computing applied in particular to artificial intelligence and cybersecurity that have concrete impact on industries.

Career opportunities 

Upon completion of the Master’s program, graduates can embrace expert careers as: 

  • Senior quantum computing developer/manager in private and public institutions in various industries and services including, but not restricted, to banking, insurance, and consultancy.
  • Government IT strategic and policy advisor.
  • General experts for emerging technology such as neuromorphic computing, high performance computing, stochastic computation, etc.
  • Academic and research careers in universities and research centers.​

Courses and Credits

Common CoursesCredits
Logics and Discrete Mathematics2
Foundations of Computer Science2
Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals2
Object Oriented Programming and Data Analysis2
Research Methodology1


Core CoursesCredits
Quantum Mathematics1
Quantum Fundamentals 2
Quantum Information 2
Quantum Computation 2



Elective CoursesCredits
Quantum Optics1
Advanced Quantum Optics (requires Quantum Optics)1
Quantum Machine Learning1
Quantum Communication and Quantum Internet1
Applied Quantum Cryptography (requires Quantum Communication)1
Advanced Realization of Quantum Computers1
Semiconductor Devices: Quantum Transport at the Nanoscale1
Ultra-Cold Quantum Gases1
Quantum Chemistry1
Quantum Artificial Intelligence1
Advanced Artificial Intelligence1
Special Topics Elective1


Research-Oriented Projects

Applied Research Project4