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Public Private Partnerships
​Public-Private Partnerships Track

Governments around the world have been looking at public-private partnerships as ways to provide for an expanded involvement of the private sector in the delivery of public services such as roads, public transport, schools, hospitals and utilities. The stated objective is to harness the forces of competition and the innovative potential of the private sector to deliver services of high quality to citizens at lower costs to governments.

In the last decade, governments of the GCC region, especially through the “2030 projects”, have recognized the need to promote the private sector participation.

To Achieve the Objectives, the future leaders of the region have to be aware of the latest innovations in the field of partnerships with the private sector.

In the second part of the MBA program, students in this Public Private Partnerships Track will

Course CodeCourseCredits
MBA 701 Public Utilities Management/Managing in the Utility Sector 2
MBA 702 Economics of Regulation and Development 1
MBA 703 Project and Contract Management 2
MBA 707 Economic Policy, Global Economy and the GCC 1
MBA 708 Strategic Planning for Public and Non-Profit Organizations 2
MBA 709 Budgeting and Financial Management for Public and Non-Profit Organizations 1
MBA 710 Legal Context and Management of Public Concession 1
Total 10