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Utilities Management
​​​​ Utilities Management Track

Energy and water resources are vital to the region’s prosperity. Although the GCC region is blessed with a huge amount of energy resources, it is one of the most water-stressed regions in the world. Moreover, the GCC countries are among the highest per capita consumers of energy and water in the world. Efficient management of these resources is critical to achieve sustainable development. Utilities including power, water, energy, and their environmental impact have emerged in recent years as major areas of concern to governments, companies and citizens.

In the second part of the MBA program, students in the Utilities Management Track will take the following courses:

Course CodeCourseCredits
MBA 704 Water and Sanitation Policy and Management 2
MBA 705 Energy Policy and Management 2
MBA 701 Public Utilities Management/Managing in the Utility Sector 2
MBA 702 Economics of Regulation and Development 1
MBA 703 Project and Contract Management 2
MBA 707 Economic Policy, Global Economy and the GCC 1
Total 10