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About Admission & Registration Unit

Is one of the main units of the university, as it relates directly to students and their sponsors. It provides essential services from the moment of admission and registration until graduating from the university, it is also responsible for the application Scientific Affairs Rules and degree granting instructions. This unit also carries out the most delicate tasks not only of students but of the Academics as well, including:

  • ​receiving university applications and unloading the data in the computer after ensuring the integrity of the contents
  • announcing the names of students admitted to the various existing programs
  • Issuing student cards
  • preparing a file for each student to save all the documents
  • completion of registration process in accordance with the approved study plans of the university students at the beginning of each semester (or annualy), and the conduct of deletion and addition or withdrawal processes.
  • Preparation of various students statistics .
  • receiving and submitting transcripts from faculty members and uploading them in the computer with the calculating of the students’ quarterly and cumulative GPA
  • Participating in preparing for the annual graduation ceremony
  • implementing all degree granting regulations
  • Issuance of upon request all kinds statements as well as transcripts of the enrolled and graduated students .
  • ​providing constant communication with the cultural attaches to the GCC and following -up all matters relating to students