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Application Guide


This guide explains how to apply for Graduate Programs at AGU, including how to complete the application form and provide supporting documents.

​1. Starting your applic​​ation

​2. Your Details
​3. Qualifications & English
This section covers how to start an application,accept general conditions and select Study & Program in the application form.
This section covers how to complete the Personal Info tab:

This section covers how to complete the 'Qualifications', 'Languages'.


​4. Supporting Docu​ments

​5. References​​
​6. Submitting & Payment
This section explains how to complete the 'Documents' tab, and the requirements for supporting documents.


​This section of the Application Guide covers how to provide references as par​t of your application:



This section explains how to complete the 'Submit' tab of the application form and pay the
application fee.



Admission Status 
Open for Applications

Please Note
​The instructions i​​n this applica​tion guide are relevant to application forGraduate Programs at AGU

Application Form​  
​​After you start an application, you can save y​our progress and return to it later.​​




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