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University Accommodation

Suitable housing units are provided for the students who meet the requirements of university housing. Students enrich their university life by living on campus and integrating into the community and participating in the activities. Our dedicated staff work around the clock to provide the necessary care for all students.


We strive to achieve the highest standards and quality in student housing.


We aim to provide a comfortable, convenient and secure place to stay. We seek to enrich the quality of social life and contribute to the student’s wellbeing in the residential units and help students to succeed.

  • To provide social and cultural activities that enhance the education and personal development of students.
  • Provide comfortable healthy accommodation that support a healthy social life and academic achievement.
  • Helping students to invest their free time in various cultural, social and sports activities that increase their interaction with each other sharpen their personalities and develop their skills.
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and individual responsibility through participation and leadership in student activities and organizations.
  • To create a Community, which uphold human values and high ethical spirit.

  • Supervise the distribution of the housing units to students.
  • Provide the highest level of health, social and wellness care for students living in housing.
  • Help students solve their problems through comprehensive care.
  • Supervise the Students visitors according to specific regulations.
  • Raise students' awareness of their rights & duties within the home.
  • Establishing various activities that contribute to creating a rich social environment.
  • Follow-up of periodic maintenance and emergency in residential units.
  • Follow up cleaning work in residential units and facilities and schedule daily tasks.
  • • Coordinate with the security unit to provide maximum security and security.

Housing units Bachelor Students Residence

It Consists of seven buildings for male students in the western region and includes 246 rooms, and seven buildings for female students in the East and includes 246 rooms. Each building consists of three floors and each floor has One apartment each consists of shared facilities of multiple toilets and a lounge and kitchen, and 6 rooms and each room includes: bed, study desk, closet, and a cupboard for storage.

Postgraduate student housing

It consists of three buildings for students in the western region, consists of 72 rooms and three buildings for students in the east, and includes 72 rooms. Each building consists of three floors, each with an apartment with a lounge and a communal kitchen, and 4 main rooms. Each room includes a bed, a desk, a wardrobe, a storage cupboard, and private washroom.

Married Students Residence

It consists of four buildings in each building three floors and in each floor four apartments, including 16 one-bedroom apartments, 32 two-bedroom apartments.

Conditions for Housing Entitlement

The university housing allocated to students who admitted to study at the Arabian Gulf University from outside the Kingdom of Bahrain and according to their specialization.

FEES & DURATION OF STAY University Housing Fees
Type of Housing Units Monthly Fees Description
Bachelor Students Room BD 75 Within a 6 rooms flat with shared Kitchen, Living room, and washrooms
Postgraduate student Room BD 80 Within a 4 rooms flat with shared Kitchen, Living room.
Married Students 1 Bedroom Flat BD 150 1 Bedroom, 1 office room, Kitchen, Living room, and washroom
2 Bedroom Flat BD 225 2 Bedroom, 1 office room, Kitchen, Living room, and washroom
Duration of stay

Students are provided residence for the duration of their study at the university.

Documents required for accommodation
  • Fill in the accommodation form.
  • A copy of Student ID card.
  • 2 personal photos.
  • A copy of the parent's passport or valid ID card (for female students).

Our Services
  • Maintenance Service

    Provide free maintenance services daily with the implementation of general maintenance of all buildings annually, and the 24-hour maintenance team provides maintenance services as follows:

    • Daily maintenance.
    • General maintenance preformed periodically.
    • Emergency maintenance 24 hours.
  • Cleaning services

    Dedicated cleaning team that works to clean the student housing. The cleaning services include the following:

    • Cleaning all spaces and the corridors.
    • Clean toilets.
    • Clean kitchens and common rooms.
  • Medical Services

    First-aid health clinic is open throughout the day, 24-hour student transportation to hospitals is available, and a university medical center is available to serve all.

  • Laundry Service

    The accommodation has a laundry room, equipped with automatic washing machines and dryers, to serve students free of charge

  • General facilities
    • Car parking spaces.
    • Mosque.
    • Shopping Area.
  • Safety & Security Services
    • All buildings are equipped with the latest fire alarm systems, and fire control systems of high-pressure hoses and fire extinguishers in the branches of residential units in addition to exit outlets and assembly points and signs.
    • The Security cameras to monitor all in/out of residential units.
    • Security points dealing directly with each visitor to residential units.

  • Visiting hours from 4 pm to 9 pm.
  • Upon arrival, visitors must deliver their ID card to the housing security personnel and receive it upon departure.
  • Students must receive their visitors in the designated lounge.
  • Visitors are not allowed to stay overnight in the accommodation.
  • Visitors are not allowed to use General Facilities in the housing complex.