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Part-Task  Trainers are provided for medical training of clinical examination  and diagnostic procedures  including both invasive and non-invasive clinical procedures. These may  consist of procedure which may  cause  embarrassment including examinations p​er rectum and the breast.  A  few examples of training in clinical procedures would be suturing and skin ligation,  inserting a  naso-gastric tube down into the stomach, advancing a catheter into the urinary bladder, advancing a catheterization into a peripheral or central vein, performing a lumbar puncture and fluid aspiration in chest.

Mannequin Models included the MSSC are as follows:

  • In the Medical skills and simulation center, we have High Fidelity Simulators like I-Stan for medicine and surgery simulation sessions, Lucina feto-maternal simulator for obstetrics and gynecology sessions, and Baby-sim and Luna for Pediatrics and neonatology types of part task trainers, which help significantly in single skills operation.
  • The sessions are either High fidelity simulation (Immersion) or part task training sessions and Hybrid simulation.
  • Medium fidelity mannequins are used in the MSSC for training in basic life support (BLS) and advanced life support (ALS). These mannequins can accommodate a range of simultaneous activities such as endotracheal intubation and cardiac defibrillation and clinical examination.

    Acquisition of clinical skills through deliberate practice rather than the apprentice mode of learning and serves as a surrogacy for real patients. Therefore, a trainee can make mistakes and learn safely from the simulated situation without the fear of harming an actual patient.
  • Thus, one of the objectives of MSSC is to train medical students and professionals to reduce adverse events in health care during surgery, medical emergencies, major incidents, drug delivery and other critical situations.
  • Another objective of the MSSC is to additionally offer specialty courses in technical and non-technical subjects which shall be needs-based utilizing existing facilities.
  • We have the Learning space intuity, which is an audiovisual learning system that records the sessions and have variety of specifications that helps in the learning process in the center and communication with the students and faculty.
  • Body Interact Training: Body Interact, is a computer based educational activity, it involves a facilitator and two students. The students try to manage the condition of the case given to them then a debrief at the end between facilitator and two students to improve learning outcome.