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Standardized Patient (SP) Program
Simulated patient (SP) or Standardized patient in OSCE exam are the persons who pretends as patient and portrays the character of patient during examination or history taking but since the SP may be the mother or relative of patient, the term (Actor Role Player) became more popular.

The Standardized patient (SP ) requirement in OSCE   Exam is nowadays became the corner stone for the medicine examination. SP practice and hybrid simulation are going on as a daily practice in the MSSC   and during each clinical scenario and part task trainer.

Aims of SP Program in MSSC

  • The Involvement of  SP , help improve the medical education  standards in  the Clinical phase. 
  • Use SP to provide a uniform method of exam that can gauge all students evenly.
  • SP involvements shall eliminate unfairness in the clinical assessment as all students encounter same clinical scenario. 
  • Support all examination in clinical phase & MD by state of art material for  a uniform ,clear history taking & examination/assessment.
  • May provide a venue for non-medical organizations (Business & law) to use the SP facilities in OSCE in the future .