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Message from President

It is my great honour and pleasure to witness the massive contribution that Al-Jawhara Centre is now able to provide in terms of evidence based, integrated, clinical, and diagnostics services in molecular medicine, in order to meet the needs of the GCC population.

With the support of Arabian Gulf University, Al-Jawhara Centre everyday raises our awareness of genetic diseases, and their impact on the health of the individual and of the society. It also highlights the knowledge of their causes, and the methods of diagnosis and treatment.

But Al-Jawhara Centre is not only a regional research spearhead, it is also a diagnostic centre providing international standard combined Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART) and Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) services, a series of ultra-equipped laboratories performing hundreds of diagnosis tests, and a team of experts welcoming the most performing molecular medicine Ph.D. students who perform their researches in the best conditions possible.

Indeed, the contribution of Al-Jawhara Centre to the GCC population is unique: from genetic care to technology development, Al-Jawhara Centre equally brings fertility applications, state of the art diagnostic services, higher education excellence, and research outcomes leading the scientific community to always new perspectives.

This exemplary development of knowledge and humanities has been made possible thanks to the generous donations of Her Highness Princess Al-Jawhara and His Majesty King Hamad, as well as thanks to the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain where our Centre is hosted.

May Allah bless our mission in making GCC citizens and families enjoy a bright and healthy future.