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4 Mar 2024 - Rallying For Rare​


14 Nov 2021 - ​Dr. Cristina Skrypnyk - Genetics and Stroke

21 Mar 2019 - تقرير حول الأمراض الجينية ودور مركز الاميرة الجوهرة بجامعة الخليج العربي


Jun 13 - AGU Launches First Master's Programme in Regenerative Medicine in the Region

Apr 30 - Al Jawhara Centre Receives Al Iman School Students

Apr 22 - AGU Presents Paper on Genetics of Type 2 Diabetes

Feb 25 - AGU, Aix-Marseille University Sign Cooperation Agreement

Feb 20 - AGU Launches National Campaign on Rare Diseases

Jan 9 - Al Jawhara Centre Sign Agreement with International Laboratory to Conduct Pharmacogeno​​mics Tests



Nov 12 - AGU organizes Anti-aging Medicine Conference

May 31 - Ambassador of Egypt Reviews the Achievements of the Princess Al Jawhara Center for Molecular Medicine and Inherited Disorders

May 24 - Female Researchers Study Breast Cancer at Arabian Gulf University

May 14 - Dr Ghada Al-Kafaji wins Arabian Gulf University Best Scientific Research Prize

May 9 - Arabian Gulf University Concludes Stem Cell Conference

Apr 30 - Al Jawhara Center launches 21st Century Medicine Forum on Thursday

Apr 26 - "A New Approach to Chronic Myeloid Leukemia" Scientific Seminar at Princess Al-Jawhara Centre

Apr 16 – “28 Medical Researches on Scientific Research Day of the College of Medicine, Arabian Gulf University"

Apr 2 - AGU Academic Participates in Joint Research with King Faisal University for Treatment of Cancerous Tumors

Apr 2 - "Pre-analytical Errors and their Impact on Patient Results" Seminar Held at Princess Al-Jawhara Center

Mar 21 - Conclusion of the Epigenetics Conference in Arabian Gulf University

Mar 21 - Rare Diseases Awareness Campaign Concludes in AGU

Mar 19 - Human Genetics, Epigenetics and Personalized Genomics Conference Commences

Mar 6 - Al Jawhara Center Continues Qualitative Campaign by Meeting Rare Disease Patients and their Families

Feb 27 - Joint Research between AGU and RCSI Underway

Feb 25 - The First Seminar for Rare Diseases in Bahrain Concludes

Feb 19 - Al Jawhara Center Holds the First Seminar on Genetic Disorders

Jan 31 - Al Jawhara Center Receives College of American Pathologies Accreditation

Jan 25 - Awareness Campaign for World Rare Disease Day Launched in February 2018

Jan 18 - Al Jawhara Center Announces Opening Registration for the Arab Genetic Research Association Conference



Dec 6 - The Regional Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Conference Concludes at Princess Al Jawhara Center

Dec 4 - The 1st Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Conference in the Region Begins

Dec 3 - Research Team at the Princess Al Jawhara Center Proves Effectiveness of Viagra in Treating Breast Cancer

Nov 21 - Preparations are Underway for the Launch of the PGD Unit at Al-Jawhara Center

Nov 9 - The Middle East Molecular Biology Congress Honors Professor Bakhiet

Nov 8 - AGU participates in the world's largest genetics conference

Nov 6 - AGU to Inaugurate Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Centre and Conference in December

Oct 23 - Researcher Omran stresses the need to study the impact of genetic and environmental factors and the use of personalized

Oct 17 - Princess Al Jawhara Centre Organizes Conference on “Human Genetics, Epigenetics, and Personalized Genomics" Next March

Oct 16 - Princess Al Jawhara Centre Hosts Chinese Professor to Showcase "Latest Strategies in Cancer Treatment"

Oct 11 - Scientific Day for Genetics Concludes at Al Jawhara Centre

Sep 19 - Medical Team Announces Discovery of New Proteins in Bahraini Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Sep 11 - Research Team at AGU Finds New Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Jun 15 - AGU Academic receives the Best Lecture Award International Congress of Molecular Medicine in Italy

Jun 13 - Dr. Ghada Al-Khafaji of AGU receives Best Research Award at the World Cancer Genome Conference

Apr 17 - International Workshop on Rare Diseases Registries and National Plans concluded successfully

Apr 17 - Dr Al-Kafaji Received Best Research Award

Apr 16 - Al-Jawhara Centre: ISRAA's discovery to be turned it into a drug to treat intractable diseases

Mar 23 - Princess Al-Jawhara Center in Manama holds an international assembly to deal with rare diseases

Mar 14 - Rare diseases International Workshop



Nov 1 - AGU Launched Personalized Medicine Master Degree

Jun 7 - Dr. Fida participates in the 15th International Conference on Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) in Bologna, Italy

May 10 - Health Ministers' Council for GCC States Consider AJC a GCC Medical Reference

May 8 - AGU Participates in Qatar Genome Program

Mar 29 - The 8th Regional Stem Cells Conference Concluded


Feb 21 - AJC Organizing a Public Awareness Campaign in Rare Disease Day in 2016



Dec 1 - Towards Bahrain Genome Project: Building on International Experiences

Nov 24 - AJC will launch the 9th Genomics Scientific Conference next Saturday

Oct 29 - AJC Launches Scientific Seminars in Genetics

Oct 13 - AlJawhara Center (AJC) become a member of the International Society for Neonatal screening (ISNS)

May 14 - Arabic Association for Gene Research Encourage Youth Scientists

Mar 5 - AGU Celebrated the International Day of Rare Diseases

Feb 15 - AGU Organized the National Campaign of Rare Diseases Awareness

Jan 21 - "Al Jawhara" offers "Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis" soon



Dec 29 - Omran Revealed the Causes of Male Infertility

Nov 20 - Dr Fida Participates in the ASRM Conference

Nov 19 - Arabian Gulf University AGU president, receives a copy of the book wrote by Huda Omran entitled “the mystery of male infertility"

Nov 18 - Dr Al-Ameen Calls Launching National Program for Newborns Screening

Sep 22 - Princess Al-Jawhara wins Emirates International Prize

Sep 17 - AGU Established Data Bank for Genetic Structure in GCC

Jun 24 - CME session on “How to recognize a genetic disorder"

Jun 23 - Dr Al-Kafaji Participated in the Global Conference for the American Diabetes Association in San Francisco.

Jun 18 - Dr Mariam Fida Calls for Genetic Screening

Jun 8 - Gene Sequencing Workshop at AJC Concluded

May 13 - AJC and Bertinoro University Concluded Specialized Genetic Workshops

May 8 - AJC and Bertinoro University organizes Specialized Genetic Workshops

Apr 24 - H.H.Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa Honored Dr Fida

Mar 26 - GCC 5th Consolidated week for Oral Health and Dental Started at AJC

Mar 6 - Press news- Rare diseases day 2014 – 28 February


Feb 11 - Serving the community and promoting AJC services

Feb 5 - Genetic Screening Protects Future Generations from Cancer

Jan 23 - Sar elementary school Students Visits Aljawhara Centre



Dec 22 - A Students Delegation Visits Al Jawhara Center

Nov 3 - Japanese Scientific Delegation Visits AGU

Jun 13 - Dr. Cristina Skrypnyk an invited speaker to the 1st Gulf Medical Administration Forum

Jun 6 - Personalized Genomic medicine: Reducing the cost and improving the effectiveness of health care

Jun 2 - AGU Hosts a Japanese Professor

May 20 - Advanced Training Program in the Science of Genes at AJC

May 5 - AGU and Bahrain Military Hospital Signed Cooperation Agreement

Apr 2 - Japanese Ambassador Visits AGU and AJC

Mar 31 - Al-Shihabi and Al-Ohaly Signed Cooperation Agreement between AJC and Ministry of Health

Mar 27 - GCC 4th Consolidated week for Oral Health and Dental Started at AJC

Feb 27 - AGU is Partner in the international Campaign of Rare Diseases

Feb 4 - AJC Celebrates 10th Anniversary with the Attendance of Nobel Prize President

Jan 16 - Bahraini Deputy Minister of Health Visits Aljowhara Centre



Dec 30 - Students from Ministry of Education Visits P.Aljohara Centre​