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3/13/2022 2:00 PM  -  3/24/2022 5:00 PM

This workshop targets biologists from all fields [Medical, Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Industrial, Marine & others] and at all carrier levels, interested in building a solid background in bioinformatics. It offers a basic theoretical and practical training on how to use bioinformatics tools and resources to address and solve biological questions, therefore, boosting their capacities in all fields of biological research.  The program is tailored to provide the training needed to integrate computational biology in daily work practice.  The program combines lectures, tutorials, and practical lab sessions.

Upon c​ompletion of this course, the participants are expected to:

  •  Be able to use the main resources provided by biological data banks for querying these databanks and reading and interpreting meaningful data.
  •  Select and use adequate online computational tools for sequences analysis and for solving a given biological problem.
  •  Get good insights on how today's and tomorrow's bioinformatics and computational biology would help undertake the challenges facing biological research and biotechnologies in various basic and applied fields.

Participants will benefit from personal contact & tutorial from highly skilled international bioinformatics professionals

BIOINFORMATICS Course Program 2022.pdf

Contact Mr. Nasser Abotaleb for registration & more information :