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AGU Allocates BD 2 Million for Scientific Research

The Arabian Gulf University (AGU) recently announced that it is allocating BD2 million to support scientific research, and it is currently developing an integrated and innovative scientific research process, on the basis of which an intellectual property office will be formed.

This was confirmed by AGU President Dr Khalid bin Abdulrahman Al Ohaly during the opening of the Research Day activity, which was organised by the University's College of Medicine and Medical Science (CMMS) on Monday (April 5), with the participation of 32 scientific papers that were prepared by a group of academics in the College.

Dr Al Ohaly confirmed that the University has allocated BD2 million for scientific research from its current budget, adding that this step stems from the identity of AGU, which was established to become a research university working to address the medical issues in GCC states.

The President also added that AGU has allocated an integrated team to support researchers, consisting of engineers, technicians and research assistants, in order to assist researchers in conducting their scientific research in a smooth and seamless manner.

For his part, CMMS Dean Dr Abdelhalim Deifalla said the College dedicates great importance to this annual event because of its key role in developing medical sciences through scientific discussions, in which a group of academics and researchers participate in order to contribute to the development of medical education and the medical system.

Additionally, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research Dr Afif Ben Saleh announced an integrated plan prepared by the College for the purpose of advancing scientific research in quantity and quality, and strengthening scientific partnerships with prestigious research and academic institutions around the world.

Dr Ben Saleh mentioned that this plan is based on a multidisciplinary team focusing on priority research for the Gulf region, on top of which is research related to chronic and hereditary diseases in GCC states, adding that this plan will soon start by employing a support team for scientific research that will speed up research procedures and provide support for laboratory services, information analysis and statistics.

Key speakers during the activity; Department Chair of Biomedical Engineering in the University of Utah, USA, Dr David Grainger, and Dean of Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine in the National University of Malaysia, Malaysia, Dr Raja Affendi, delivered separate presentations that addressed the stages of scientific research and several research contributions that resulted in scientific innovations that are transformed into market products.

Moreover, this year's Scientific Research Day covered several current scientific topics, including those related to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, and other genetic studies that deal with the mechanism of action of the immune system, and research papers that highlight other topics, such as the life of diabetes patients, organ donation and the effect of smoking on brain functions.