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Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research Website Launched

The College of Graduate Studies at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) launched the website of the "Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research" at a ceremony sponsored by Dr. Khalid bin Abdulrahman Al Ohaly, the President of  AGU.

During a speech on this special occasion, Dr. Al Ohaly called the audience to be guided by the outputs of a seminar that focused on the future perceptions of AGU. This important seminar was held in the early eighties with the aim of defining the future directions of the University, which was a newly established institution at that time, and the seminar was held with the participation of a group of the finest scholars and academic staff in the Arab region and the world.

The seminar included recommendations for AGU to leap over the classic and usual patterns and models. From this perspective, the President of AGU suggested to the editorial department of the Journal that they should be the eye in which the region sees the future of science and views innovation to be a compass that guides their path towards excellence. Moreover, the editorial department has the task of carefully reading and following the rapid developments in the world and explore the topics that create directives for the future.

For his part, Dr. Soud AlMahamid, the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, said that the Editorial Board of the Journal was able to develop an integrated website and converted its archives from 2010 until now into digital copies available on the Journal's website for all researchers and interested people free of charge.

In addition, the Editorial Board focused on classifying the Journal in a number of prestigious databases and link the Journal's articles within the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) system, which allows a wide spread of the Journal's topics in numerous electronic scientific databases.

The Editorial Board of the Journal has shifted all the steps related to publishing to an electronic framework via the Journal's website (http://www.agjsr.agu.edu.bh), in which the researcher submits his/her scientific paper through the website with all documents and attachments. Then, the scientific paper is automatically transferred to the Editor-in-Chief, who approves its publication or rejects it in principle. In the event that the scientific paper is approved, it will be transferred to the Editor-in-Chief, who assigns the responsible editor, in agreement with the competent experts, to review the scientific paper and approve it, or make the necessary notes on the paper to amend it before publication. The website also provides a collection of the most widely distributed scientific papers.

مجلة الخليج العربي للبحوث العلمية 3.jpg

The Journal is registered under the international ISSN number: 1985-9899 for print copies and number E-ISSN: 2536-0051 for electronic versions, which are classification numbers for the Journal and affiliated with AGU. These numbers were obtained according to the procedures and requirements of the Ministry of Information Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Moreover, work is still underway to place all of the Journal's archives since its publication in 1983 on the new Journal's website, which allows researchers in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the world to view the rich knowledge that has been produced and cite research previously published in the Journal.

The Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research was first published in 1983 by the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States (ABEGS), which is based in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Years later, the responsibility of supervising the Journal was transferred to AGU in the year 1999, when the first issue was published under the management of AGU in the year 2000.

The Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research is considered to be one of the most prestigious scientific journals distinguished by the persistence in successive issuance and spread at the level of the GCC and the Arab world, in addition to the expansion of its subscriber base on the global level. The Journal serves the local, regional, and global community with its keenness to publish original and innovative research documented by experts from countries around the world. Moreover, the journal is interested in publishing research and studies in the fields of applied science, agricultural science, environmental studies, and technology that are in line with most of the innovative and rare academic fields at AGU.

In addition, the President of AGU issued a decision a few days ago to form an editorial board for the journal with the membership of Dr. Moiz Bakhiet, Dr. Diaa Rizk, Dr. Wael A. Ismail El Moslimany, Dr. Alaa Eldin A. Ayoub, Dr. Mohammad Shahid, Dr. Abdulnasser Al Jarrah, Dr. Merwan Hosni, Dr. Adel Bouhoula, Dr. Waheeb Al Nasser, Dr. Noureddine Ben Khalaf, and Dr. Fatima Al Jassim.

This decision comes within the efforts of  AGU to develop the Journal's identity and expand its spread, especially after more than ten years have passed since its affiliation with AGU.