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Gene Therapy and Regenerative Medicine - AGU


The Arabian Gulf University is organizing an International Conference on Gene Therapy and Regenerative Medicine from March 13 to 14, 2022. The conference will host a group of international leaders, experts, professors, and researchers from around the globe. They will present their achievements, technologies, innovative research, and clinical discoveries in the field of gene therapy and regenerative medicine, to treat diseases that have not been treated with traditional methods.

The conference president and associate professor of Regenerative Medicine at AGU, Dr. Sfoug AlShammary, stated that the conference will discuss many issues such as gene therapy based on genetic modification by CRISPR technology, and RNA- based gene therapy. In addition to presenting the latest clinical developments in the treatment of genetic disorders and methods of gene modification therapies. The conference will also address many other topics such as stem cell transplantation, bioengineering, as well as the legal and ethical challenges of gene and cell therapy.