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Study at AGU Highlights the Significance of Innovation Managers

A research team from the Innovation and Technology Department in the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) has recently conducted a study on the means of prepare the best manager  of innovation in general and during crises such as the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic in particular.

The research team is formed of Computer Engineering Professor in the Innovation and Technology Department Dr Rustom Mamlook and a number of PhD students in the University's College of Graduate Studies (CGS).

The study indicated that crises such as the Covid-19 pandemic have given companies something that they did not know before it happened or did not have the courage to face, limiting the challenge mainly on innovation managers by testing their abilities to find new solutions.

Additionally, the study confirmed that crises in general and the Covid-19 pandemic in particular form the appropriate opportunity for managers to re-evaluate the position of the company in terms of its competitive environment and even internal operations.

Explaining further, Dr Mamlook said: "Telework has been proven to reduce many costs​ while maintaining the same level of productivity by multiple employees. Furthermore, when speaking from an operational point of view, it can be linked directly to innovation in operations, so the internal processes of many companies are reshaping themselves due to the pandemic, as the concept of customer satisfaction has differed greatly due to Covid-19, as well as consumption and shopping patterns, which have been changed due to health policies and social distancing procedures."

The study also mentioned that companies must build a comprehensive post Covid-19 strategy and attempt to analyse the changes that have occurred due to the pandemic and study how they might affect its operations, in addition to completely reshaping its human and financial structure to be more efficient and profitable.

"One of the key aspects of interest in terms of the responsibilities that innovation managers have during the Covid-19 pandemic is the desire to re-establish priorities and assess the viability of all processes within the organisation which can be a form of what might be called innovation in operations, where innovation takes place not only in the workplace, but also at home during the the implementation of the work-from-home strategy, which has been adopted by the organisation during the pandemic," Dr Mamlook added.

It is worth mentioning that researchers Khaled Al Rabea, Maimoona Al Alawi, Mohammed Al Saffar and Ramla Al Aamery also participated in the preparation of the study