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Community Oriented Research

The Community Oriented Research Activity is an integral part of the medical curriculum since the inception of the College in 1982. The aim of the activity is to build the research ability of future doctors and equip them with the skills to understand and practice evidence-based health care and encourage them to undertake their own research in the future. It is a group activity whereby Year 3 students undertake a field research project that explores relevant and priority areas related to community health. The students are distributed into groups based on their countries of residence and a supervisor is assigned to guide them throughout the activity. Each year, the Department of Family and Community Medicine chooses a theme and the student groups write their research protocols with guidance from their assigned supervisors. Through this activity, students become familiar with all the steps involved in undertaking a research project. The students perform data collection during the summer vacation. In year 4, the students are expected to present their findings orally, in a poster and submit a report. In addition to familiarizing students with research methodology, the research project, allows them to gain awareness of their community health problems and appreciate the role to research.